OOBA Hibiscus Sparkling Beverage


Pros: healthy and tasty

Cons: none

Tastes great! I like all the flavors but my favorite is the orange. It also makes a great mixer with ahem adult beverages. I try to avoid soda's and this is a great substitute - healthy and flavorful.


Pros: Tastes Awesome, Not overly Sparkling, Very Good for you, Goes great with Vodka!

Cons: Hard to find!

I first saw this at my local Whole Foods Market about a month ago. I tried it because a saw a couple buying some and I over heard them saying something about how good it was and how well it mixes with Bacardi. I bought the Lime...I like Lime...the taste really surprised me. I am so sick of healthy drinks tasting less than refreshing. POM is so strong I have to cut it way way down which means I have to buy a bottle of water as well as dish out the 5 bucks it cost for the POM. The OOBA Hibiscus beverage is good to go right out of the bottle, and I have missed soda so much this is the perfect healthy replacement. I have never had hibiscus before, but I love the flavor......no more having to sacrafice flavor for all natural and good for you, thanks OOBA who ever you are!!! Happy Holidays!


Pros: heart and health benefits from hibiscus extract, taste

 As a middle-age man, I am conscious of heart health and have been aware of the use of hibiscus globally as a heart healthy remedy for some time.  I have tried many teas made from hibiscus but all too often, the use of so much sugar to mask the inherent bitterness of the tea has offset the intended benefits. I found out OOBA uses an extraction process, as opposed to a boiling process in tea, which increases significantly the efficacy of the heart healthy properties and mitigates the bitterness.  And it tastes great!  With much less sugar (and calories) than O.J. or POM won, it manages to be refreshing and light, particularly when served ice cold.  My friends' kids tried it this weekend and loved it. On the suggestion of another reviewer, i am going to replace OOBA in my "Cape Cod" adult beverage this weekend.


Pros: All natural, high in vitamin C

Cons: A bit too sweet, not very sparkling

To be perfectly honest, when I saw that this was a drink with hibiscus in it, I sort of expected it to taste like my favorite Kombucha Botanica (called Hibiscus Island).  Unfortunately, OOBA was not quite that at all.  It's not a bad flavor, although at first it tasted a wee bit like cough syrup to me (I think it was because of the citric acid).  I like the idea of the health benefits and what not OOBA offers (via the hibiscus extract).  But....I just don't really like it.


My main issue with it is that it's so sweet.  I drank about half of it and then I had to switch over to water because it just wasn't refreshing or thirst quenching because it was so overly...sweet.  I did ultimately finish the bottle because I didn't want to waste it, but I can't say I'll ever get it again. 


Pros: Awesome Taste! Healthy, Sparkling, All Natural, Beautiful Bottle, My Kids Love it!

Cons: I would Love it if they could go Organic....

This is a great new product. I really love the flavor..The problem is it is so hard to find. My two children love the lime and Orange versions, and I tried to find it in Safeway but we could only find it in Whole Foods Market. It's always almost out of stock...so we stock up when we can.  I love that it has a lot of vitamin C for and that it is all natural. We do not allow the kids to drink soda..so this is a great alternative...my oldest thinks that mom is cool again!  I wish it came in a 6 pack so it was easier to carry, but for now I take what I can get.


Susan (Organic Girl)

OOBA Hibiscus Sparkling Beverage

Ooba is 100% All Natural, Refreshing Beverage that infuses the pure extracts from the Incredible Hibiscus Flower. For thousands of years in Ancient Egypt, China, India, Mexico and South America, this Flower has been used for its healing properties. From the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Mayan Kings of South America, the Hibiscus Flower has been considered a source of health and wellbeing. We created OOBA with the intention of bridging the gap between the refreshingly crisp feel of a sparkling soda and a 100% All Natural, truly good for you beverage. We use only the best natural raw materials to bring you the ultimate fusion of health and taste that helps maintain cardiovascular function. "Hibiscus with an Attitude!"

Additional Features
TypeCarbonated juice or soda
Release Date
IngredientsCarbonated water, cane sugar, pure hibiscus extract, citric acid, ascorbic acid and natural flavors
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC