Onno Bamboo T-shirts Reviews


i love this tee!

 this tee is made of the most amazing fabric -- mostly bamboo -- and it is downright dreamy to wear.  it is sooooo soft and comfortable.  almost feels like i've got nothing on (because it's so soft and light).  the fit is a little bit less "fitted" and stylish than other brands of tees, but i can totally forgive that for its comfort.  i was a bit worried about what would happen when i washed it, but it didn't lose any of its feel.  yay!

really cool shirt


Pros: bamboo and organic cotton, comfortable, nice color

After reading some rave reviews of the Onno shirts, I decided to try one out.  I think it's super cool that the shirt is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton.  It's quite soft, and really feels like a normal cotton shirt.  I got the green one, and it's a nice dark shade too.  My new favorite shirt!

Best. T-shirt. Ever.


Pros: So soft. So very, very soft

Cons: none

I got one of these T-shirts for volunteering at West Coast Green last week and my life is forever changed.  I will seek out bamboo t-shirts whenever possible now (though this is a bamboo, organic cotton blend - so maybe that's the magic blend). I love it so much I even wrote about it quickly in a recent blog post. Get 'em at http://www.onnotextiles.com