Nurture My Body Organic Shampoo Reviews


Nice shampoo


Pros: Smells nice, leaves my hair feeling clean

Cons: too liquidy, expensive

I got a bottle of this shampoo in the second Huddler contest prize package, and I'm enjoying it.  The fragrance is quite nice, not too overpowering.  It also leaves my hair feeling nice and clean, which wasn't the case for the Earth Science Fragrance Free shampoo I also received in the prize package.  My only complaint is that the Nurture My Body shampoo is quite liquidy, so it's hard to apply to my hair without losing some of it.  But it smells good and is effective, so I like it. However, looking up the price I see the bottle costs $22, and it's a small bottle.  Yikes, that's pricey!



Pros: toxin free, natural


I also got this in the huddler pack and it is a wonderful shampoo and works like a dream. the ingredeints are absolutely great. really really just wonderful ingredeints, i could not rave about how great these ingredients are enough. but as the other two have said this is much to expensive for us, but it might be good for others.

Good Shampoo


Pros: Gentle smell, good shampoo

Cons: Pricey, needs shaking to keep from seperating.

I rec'd this product in the second Huddler contest.  Nice aroma.  Noticed that if you let it sit a bit, the product contents can seperate - so be sure to shake it.  Seems to lather and clean quite well.  I have no negatives about the product performance at all :-)  I understand this product can be kinda expensive - some of the "designer" shampoos my wife uses are in the same price range, so some may be ok with over $20 a bottle... others, not so much.