Nurture My Body Organic Conditioner Reviews


Really nice daily conditioner


Pros: Smells nice but not too strong

Cons: Not a huge quantity

I like this Nurture My Body Conditioner a lot.  Not only is it made with natural and organic ingredients, it actually leaves my hair feeling soft.  It's got a nice scent from the essential oils in it but it's not too strong and doesn't cling on to your hair all day long.   It's not a super deep conditioner but it's fantastic for daily use.  Also, it says this on the back of the bottle, but it's best if you leave it on for two minutes or so.  Give it a chance to work its magic.   The only real drawback is that the bottle isn't huge.  I like to make sure all my hair is pretty evenly covered in conditioner but that tends to mean I use a little more the bottle doesn't last...
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Good product


Pros: Works well

Cons: small bottle

I got this product in a huddler prize pack.  It was one of the first things I tried.  It has a light scent, nothing overpowering.  Its hard to describe the smell.  It does work very well on my short curly hair.  Since I didn't actually pay for it I'm not sure on its value.  We use a lot of conditioner at my house and I wish the package size were bigger.  Overall the product performs well and I would use it again in the future.