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NTI Trinity Ti 150 Gas Fired Boiler


Pros: Quiet, compact, efficient, flexible.

Cons: May depend on the installation. Can be expensive.

Had this installed 5 months ago in October 2010 in cold winter Canada. Two story house with basement so three heating zones, Has handled the cold weather no problem. Wall installation has freed up much floor space in utility room. Very quiet compared to the large1978-ish boiler I had before. Have no doubt this unit will pay for itself over the long term.
Installation took longer than expected. Every boiler installation is different depending on where current piping is, gas pipe location, proximity to a suitable outside wall, and drain, etc. My piping was a litle tougher just because of where the boiler had to be mounted, but it turned out okay.
Only issues I had were related to the installation and set-up. At first set-up the electronics unit was shot, but the installers caught this and replaced it with no further issues. The flow detector switch on the recirculation line needed to be adjusted a couple of times. The switch was not adjusted to be sensitive enough at first which caused some puzzling downtime, but since it was set at a high enough sensitivity we have had no problems whatsoever.
My Trinity boiler is also set up to heat a water heater to supply my hot water, and I find it works very well for that, AND it makes my hot water heating high efficiency as well. FYI if you need to heat anything else, (i.e. you built a garage and want to heat it) you can run an additional line out to the garage and then your garage heat becomes high efficiency.
Make sure you install your boiler with plenty of time before winter, so any issues can be dealt with before the cold weather sets in.
Installation is everything. I read the installation manual myself before it was put in and checked on things as it was being installed to make sure it was being installed according to the manual and any applicable housing codes. Exhaust, intake, and drain piping is particularly crutial. The company I bought it from also did the installation, set-up, and follow up, and these guys were terrific. Like anything, make sure the people you pay to do the work have good references and do a good job.
If you have a boiler and need a replacement, or are installing a boiler in a new house, I would highly recommend this one.
Of course forced air is a simpler set up. All there is is a motor, fan and heater. With a boiler there are pumps, flow rates, valves, pressure, and temperatures that are monitored, but I have experienced pretty much carefree operation so far. The unit automatically senses all this info and operates smoothly and safely.
Personally, I would not choose to have hot water heating, but the house we bought had it already and it would be too expensive to install the ducting for a forced air furnace. I would rather have forced air because you can install central air conditioning.
It is amazing that all the heating for the whole house, including the hot water, occurs in a small chamber about the size of a large coffee can! And after continuous operation for hours (when it's -33 degrees and windy outside) the exhaust pipe is just warm to the touch. Now that's efficiency! 


Pros: nice looking

Cons: poor quality and support

We bought this house that was just under a year old, in 2004, and it had a new NTI boiler system heating the house by way of (fan coil), in floor heating in the basement, and our hot water tank. In the first year the system continually shut down, and we spent more then $3000 during the next three years, hiring a plumber to continually repair the NTI boiler. The costs were mostly for the electronics of the system, none of which were covered under warranty, as we had no idea who installed the system. On Christmas Eve of 2004, the whole system shut down, and we had to heat our home with electric heaters. In the fall of 2007, the boiler failed and became irreparable due to water damage and rust throughout the boiler. This damage was also causing exhaust to leak into our home. Obviously, this could have been catastrophic for our family. I contacted NTI directly by way of letter requesting their assistance in replacing the unit, but they ignored me completely. Their area representative did show some interest at first in helping us, but quickly abandoned me when it was determined that the whole unit would have to be replaced. As such, I contacted a local plumbing company and requested a quote on replacing the boiler with a forced air system, and gas water heaters for the in-floor heating and hot water. Their owner came, and after looking everything over, told me that the NTI boiler system was a good system, that NTI had made significant changes to the boiler for the better, and that his company could replace it for $8000. However, he told me that he would get in touch with NTI and seek their financial help in paying for a new boiler, and led me to believe that the costs would be greatly reduced. He seemed sincere in that the bill would be much less then $8000. With winter coming on, I was anxious to ensure that we had heat in the house, and took this man at his word. We had the new NTI boiler system installed.
Unfortunately, after the work was done, NTI refused to provide any sort of financial assistance for their new boiler. Even worse, the plumbing company did not include the cost of extra parts and some pumps that had to be replaced, and the final bill came to $9400. 
Within a few days of having it installed, I found a leaking pipe from a connection made by the installer. This had nothing to do with the boiler itself. I called the company to come and repair it, which he did. Over the next few days, I found four more leaks from joints, which I cut out and replaced myself. From that time until recently, the boiler has performed as it should. A few weeks ago, I noticed water dripping from the boiler. I determined that the leak was coming from the top of the unit, at a joint that was not sealed properly in the exhaust pipe. After two weeks of waiting for parts, the same plumbing company came today, and replaced the top of the NTI boiler. The cost of the boiler parts were covered under warranty, however, I had to pay almost $200 for the plastic vent pipes and the labor. Because I had not noticed the leak sooner, the interior of the boiler system is now rusted and water damaged, again...!
In any case, although I am happy that NTI has covered the top of the boiler this time, the first time around we only received about four years of service from the boiler. In 2007 we spent $9400 on the same NTI boiler system, and now at just over two years, the boiler is in need of repairs and again starting to cost us money.
In hindsight, I should have found another company, and simply replaced the boiler with a high efficiency forced air furnace, and be done with it. I will never again take a chance on installing any sort of boiler system, because there are just too many parts, pumps, joints and tubing, just waiting to fail. A forced air furnace is much less likely to break down, and if it does, it is never as serious nor expensive to repair, and you do not have to worry about the water damage. 
Finally, if you do consider buying a boiler, I would suggest you stay away from NTI, as in my experience and opinion, their products are not reliable, they do not stand by their equipment, and they have absolutely no concern for the fact that their product was directing exhaust into our home. They just ignored us.
NTI Trinity Ti 150 Gas Fired Boiler

* Available in both Natural Gas and Propane versions with a modulation system that eliminates additional models * State-of-the-art sealed modulation combustion system with hot * surface ignition * Patented 316L stainless condensing heat exchanger provides ultimate efficiencies * All connections are conveniently located for ease of installation. * Wall mount configuration saves valuable floor space * Vents easily with conventional ABS, PVC or CPVC plastic piping * The TRINITY has industry-leading modulation rates, which significantly increases comfort while reducing cycling and fuel consumption * The distinctive casing design reduces costly standby losses, while virtually eliminating combustion noises * High-capacity plate heat exchanger on combination models provides ample domestic hot water * The TRINITY is certified, designed and rated to strict CSA, AGA, ASME and CSAus codes

Additional Features
Fuel Rating (AFUE)92.7
Fuel TypeGas
Boiler TypeWater
Energy Input25,000-150,000 BTU
Energy Output23,000-138,000 BTU
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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