No Miss Nail Polish Reviews


Excellent overall


Pros: Safety, Color Selection, Wear, Application

Cons: Price, Availability

I found these polishes at my local Whole Foods Market. The first time I looked through them, I didn't see any colors that interested me, but a few trips later, they had some really amazing colors & finishes to choose from - duochromes, glitters, shimmers. I was impressed, as normally you don't have that kind of variety in color options with a nail polish brand that's considered a "green," safer choice. I couldn't resist Gretna Green, so I picked it up. I was pleasantly surprised with the application and opacity. 1-2 coats were all that you needed, there were no streaks/brushstrokes visible, the polish dried relatively quickly and did not bubble. Pretty smooth! The wear was average...
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I wonder if they changed their formula since Lola wrote her review? I got this nail polish for Christmas and LOVE it. For me, it dries really quickly without that gummy, not-quite-hard-enough feeling I get from other polishes . I usually use two thin coats. It smells much less obnoxious than other polishes. The only complaint I have is that it chips easier than other polishes.

Good, natural nail polish

I was given about 6 different bottles of this nail polish a few years ago by my eco-conscious mother. They've got great colors (a wide range, though not nearly as comprehensive as OPI or those other mainstream manufacturers). The polish boasts much better ingredients and doesn't have that awful nail polish smell. The trade-off is that they are not quick-drying, unlike the more chemical-laden alternatives. I use these when I've got time to let my nails really dry...