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Neuton CE 6.2 Battery Powered Lawn Mower


Pros: Easy start, cuts great

Cons: Long lead time, long charging time

I was very leery of replacing my gas powered mower, however my wife convinced me that I should give it a try, so I reluctantly ordered the Neuton CE 6.2.  I received the mower and it had a key malfunction (apparently, a common problem).  I reported the problem via the toll free number they shipped the replacement parts out immediately.  I put in the new parts and just finished mowing my lawn.  What a fantastic product.  It was well worth the money and the wait time.  This thing works great and we are doing something good for the environment.


Pros: Quiet with no trips to the gas station and no cord!

I have the previous model and have owned it for a number of years. I got the mower as part of a gas-mower trade-in program run by our local electric company. I think it cost me $100 - $150 dollars with the trade-in. It's probably been at least 4-5 years so I don't remember. I've never had a problem with the model that I have. It does have the narrower cutting path but it just means a little more walking. Our old gas mower was hard to start - this mower is so much easier to start. I would never go back to a gas mower. If I ever have to replace my mower, I'll look for the latest Neuton. I hope the one I have lasts for many more years!


Pros: Quiet, no fumes, minimal maintenance

Cons: price

We actually have the previous model which is smaller and that is the only problem that we have with ours. Mowing takes a bit longer with ours since it's not as wide, but I will never go back to any other mowing! We can mow earlier in the morning and later at night because it is so quiet. We have a back up battery, but we can mow 2-3 times on one fully charged battery. Our yard is 3/4ths of an acre. Maintenance includes sharpening the blade and rinsing off the mower before storing in the winter. It is light and easy for me to control, and our neighbors are always asking questions and fawning over it. We have the extra edging accessories, but haven't taken the time to try them out yet.


Pros: Quiet no gas or oil strong motor

Cons: Not enough suction to lift up grass when wet and pushed down by wheels.

I enjoy mowing the lawn and do not rush the job. If you can say this you will love the neuton ce 6.2. On the other hand if you look at it as a chore that you want done as fast as possible not caring about noise or polution by a honda. I still have my honda and living in washington state will probably always keep it around for the wet days. But I love the neuton it does a great job I can do my yard and the neighbors on one charge about 1/3 acre.


Pros: Better than expected

Cons: Like to be able to charge the battery faster.

I've used this mower to mow my .75 acre, twice, it was great, but it took two days, because I had to charge the battery overnight, I have since ordered a spare battery. Great Product. LB


Pros: when new it is something different

Cons: no power does not cut well

I traded my gas mover plus 150 and regreted it ever since.   You are a fool if you buy this.  Its loud for an electric motor and it just does not work.  Its like trying to mow your lawn with a cheap weed eater.


Pros: Great concept.

Cons: DOA out of the box in 2008. It's replacement had a bad wheel and axle. Control module replaced because of arcing on the safety key holder. New front w

The marriage with my CE 6.2 started in June of 2008. It's been a rough relationship. But wait, there's more: It's not made for St Augustine grass in the deep south. Even on the highest setting it struggles through the turf. I had to take the chute off and bungee cord up the chute door to get it to move. It doesn't like the humidity; parts have started rusting. I keep the battery inside the air-conditioned house so after 2 years it still works, but it acts like it's middle aged with less power. AND ... it had to be repaired 5 times, and is currently in a repair shop ... where it has been for 3 weeks. What problems have I had: it was DOA out of the box in 2008. It's replacement had a bad wheel and axle. Control module replaced because of arcing on the safety key holder. New front wheel. New switch on handle bar. Wouldn't start after getting hot. Chute dragging in high grass even on highest (#4) setting. How do I get my lawn cut? I use my 8 year old Craftsman corded mower. I'm thinking about getting a divorce from the Neuton.


It's a great concept, but it just can't take the heat.


Next year I'm going green. I'm getting a green gas riding lawn mower for about $200 more than I paid for the Neuton 6.2. Why? The customer service man at Neuton today told me to (true statement--his name was Art @ ext. 2150). Like my late father used to say "All's well that ends.".


Pros: no gas

Cons: I dont know where to start

 my mower stopped working after one season. There is not service for it anywhere close…thats something I didnt think about before. I have the newer larger model. The weed eater attachment is a joke, It is not as light and quiet as they make you think. The handle/switch assembly is incredibly uncomfortable. The grass catcher is too small and I had to “engineer” it to make it work. It’s now just a $500 piece of plastic sitting in my garage. Their customer service is a joke. If you choose to buy one, make sure you rear the fine print. I would recommend some other mower.UPDATE: today while cutting  i notice something come out from under the mower..... IT WAS THE BLADE! yes, the blade came off my mower. Just another issue with this mower. I've read some of the other reviews, from people that just got their mower and they love it.... i felt the same way... I would like to hear how they feel in a year or two. buy a gas mower and save  your money.


Pros: Enviro friendly, Quiet, No maintanence

Cons: Narrow, lacks power, heavy

I've used it once and now I feel ripped off.  While quiet and enviro friendly it left me wanting!  The unit is far to narrow to be of much use at all.  The wheel base is outside the cutting chamber which means you have to over cut your wheel marks.  Unfortunately the mover is not powerful enough to pull the wheel trodden grass up to cut it well at all.  The handle grip has no locking device so if you are not gripping down hard on the activation bar the mower will shut off have to backup and run it again.  While the sales pitch is that it is a light weight unit to lift, it sure doesn't feel like a light weight unit to push.

Neuton CE 6.2 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Cut a 19” path with our new model! The Neuton CE 6.2 Mower gives you the powerful performance of a gas mower with convenience of battery technology. There is no gas or oil to spill and no engine emissions to pollute the air. This is the most powerful mower with a removable, rechargeable battery you can buy. With 360 watt-hours of battery energy, it has plenty of power to mow through even tall, wet grass. The Neuton CE 6.2 mower is ideal for lawns up to 1/3 acre (about 15,000 sq. ft.) on a single charge. If you need more time, just drop in an optional spare battery and keep mowing! The Neuton CE 6.2 removable, rechargeable battery charges in 8 hours, runs for up to an hour depending on grass conditions, will last for five years with proper care, and is over 95% recyclable. Recharging a Neuton battery costs about 10 cents. Your mower comes with everything you need to start mowing: a rear grass collection bag, a side discharge chute, a mulching plug, a 360 watt-hour battery, a battery charger and a safety key. You’ll get more out of your Neuton with our accessories. Only Neuton Mowers have the option of adding an on-board string Trimmer/Edger. If you want that ballpark look, don’t miss the Neuton Lawn Striper. Because the Neuton CE 6.2 is battery-powered it is easy to transport and store. The handlebars fold with the flip of a button -- so you can store your mower in a closet or under a table or bench. Note: The CE 6 can't be shipped to Canada. The Neuton CE 6 Features: * Removable, rechargeable battery * Recharging costs about 10 cents * Fully recharges in 12 hours * Runs for up to an hour (depending on grass conditions) * Battery lasts for five years (with proper care) * Battery is over 95% recyclable Your mower comes with everything you need to start mowing: * Rear grass collection bag * Side discharge chute * 360 watt-hour battery * Battery charger * Safety key

Width19 in.
Additional Features
Recharge Time8 hours
Release Date
Battery Type360 Watt-Hour (36-volt, 10-amp hour) sealed lead/acid type, with built-in carrying handle and charging receptacle
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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About Neuton (from the Neuton website):


We are dedicated to making the world’s most innovative and dependable battery-powered lawn and garden equipment for people who care about the maintenance of their properties and the health of our environment.  Our forward-thinking designs reduce the noise and pollution of traditional gas power equipment, making yard work more enjoyable. Consistent with these goals, a portion of our profits are donated to community organizations working to clean our air.


Using innovative designs in rechargeable, battery-powered products we¹re developing unique and reliable tools that are easy to use and are easy on the environment. And together with our customers, we¹re redefining the way people care for their properties.


Born and Raised in Vermont

Neuton battery-powered mowers are a reflection of the simplicity, ingenuity and values that define Vermont. At their core, Neuton battery-powered mowers are:

  • Hard working – providing high powered cutting capacity with professional results
  • Simple – delivering an ease of use and storage you won’t find elsewhere
  • Responsible – exhibiting a profound respect for the environment
  • A cleaner and more efficient way to mow your lawn – it makes sense that Neuton is from Vermont. In fact, Forbes magazine recently rated Vermont the number one “Greenest State.”



Neuton and the Environment
Neuton battery-powered mowers are the #1 selling battery-powered mowers on the planet. Our belief in the environmental benefits of Neuton is a strong one. We call it our Clean Air Initiative.


Since we started, we have subsidized the purchase of thousands of Neutons across America in exchange for dirty/gas-guzzling mowers. In Southern California alone, 16,000 residents have replaced their mowers with Neutons. The result has been a staggering emissions reduction of 600 tons per year.


And with Neuton, reducing environmental impact extends even further.  The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse rated Neuton the quietest rotary mower you can buy.

The bottom line is you get big-time results, while leaving behind a small environmental footprint.



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