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Neuton CE 5.3 Battery Powered Lawn Mower


Pros: Cordless, gasless, low noise - AWSOME!

Cons: Battery charge can take some planning.

I have only owned this mower for a few weeks at this point and mowing twice has shown me that this is a really outstanding product!  Be sure to read the battery care portion of the manual so that you take care of handling and charging correctly.  It is a sealed AGM battery - way more powerful than something like a NiCd that many smaller powered tools use... more expensive as well.

I highly recommend this mower as it is easy to use, move, clean, everything!  Love it!!!

Update 09/2009:  Have found that I can get 3 or 4 mows out of one charge of the battery and it is still going strong.  I charge it after 2 or 3 for better battery care.  So a 2 day charge is easy to fit in at some point over a few weeks.  Still really love this product...


Pros: no gas/oil no plugging it in

Cons: doesn't work

worked well for one summer, although you keep having to stop and clean the blade. bought 2 batteries with it, one stopped working after 6 months.  Waste of money.  Mower went once this summer and now doesn't work at all. Complete and utter waste of money.  I'll go back to gas model, at least it works.


Pros: Very easy to use, lightweight, no gas, easy to start, cuts well

Cons: lost the key

This is a fantastic lawnmower. My husband's grandfather bought it a few years ago. We borrow it from him to cut our lawn once a week. It's really light. I'm a small, short woman and have no problems using this mower and our front yard has a semi-steep hill. I also can lift it out of the basement & start it easily. I don't have to hold the handle really tight like I read in another review. The battery lasts the whole time we mow the lawn. (It's a small front yard/medium back yard) We do have a back-up battery that's always charged. It cuts the grass well, it's very quiet and doesn't stink! I hate that gasoline smell. I volunteer to cut the lawn with this mower! The only problem we've had is we lost the key last week. I saw that Neuton has replacement keys on their website for 8.95. And I wish they were cheaper so we could afford to buy one.

Neuton CE 5.3 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The smart choice for small lawns: The Neuton CE 5 Battery-Powered Mower is welcome relief from the arm-yanking pull-starts, the fumes, noise, and vibration of a gas lawn mower. Start it with the push of a button and mow for up to 1 hour on a single charge. Since it doesn't use gas or oil, it never needs a tune-up, and it runs clean. It produces no pollution or carbon emissions. Enjoy the ease and convenience of battery-powered mowing! Additional Information: This model is perfect for lawns up to ¼ acre on a single charge. If you need more time, just drop in an optional spare battery. According a study conducted by the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, this Neuton CE5 is the quietest rotary mower available. Your Neuton CE 5 Mower comes with everything you need to start mowing: •Rear grass collection bag •Side discharge chute •Mulching plug •240 watt-hour battery •Battery charger •Safety key Neuton mowers have attachments and accessories like no other mowers. The optional Trimmer/Edger attachment eliminates the need for a second piece of equipment and gives your yard and walkways a beautiful, clean finish.

WidthCutting: 14"
Additional FeaturesMulch, bag, or side thro for cutting. Has optional trimmer attachment.
Recharge Time24 to 72 hours
Motor24-volt, 32-amp permanent magnet electric motor
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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