Nau Profile Fleece Hoody - Men's Reviews


nau profile fleece is amazing


Pros: very warm and the ladies love it

Cons: sleeves are a bit long

 Overall this is for sure one of my favorite garments.  It's comfy enough to wear around the house and sleek enough to go out for a drink (if that is what you like to do).  I think I get about .5 comments per time I wear this sucker out.  It's super comfy, and fits really well.  It's recycled fleece, so it's really hard to get better than that.  I get the feeling that this is one of the most popular items that Nau has as they have kept a version of this hoody since their inception.  As I mention in the con section, the only think to look out for here is the long sleeves.  I'm not sure if I have super short arms, but the sleeves are darn long.  All in all, $195 is a pretty steep price to...
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