Nau Profile Fleece Hoody - Men's


Pros: very warm and the ladies love it

Cons: sleeves are a bit long

 Overall this is for sure one of my favorite garments.  It's comfy enough to wear around the house and sleek enough to go out for a drink (if that is what you like to do).  I think I get about .5 comments per time I wear this sucker out.  It's super comfy, and fits really well.  It's recycled fleece, so it's really hard to get better than that.  I get the feeling that this is one of the most popular items that Nau has as they have kept a version of this hoody since their inception.  As I mention in the con section, the only think to look out for here is the long sleeves.  I'm not sure if I have super short arms, but the sleeves are darn long.  All in all, $195 is a pretty steep price to pay, but I definitely think about all of my clothes in terms of price to wear ratio.  I bought this hoody maybe 4 months ago and  have worn it at least 40-50 times.  That brings me to about $3.90 per wear in only 4 months.  I'm guessing  you'll like this hoody enough to get down to $.25/wear at the very least :)

Nau Profile Fleece Hoody - Men's

Taking the simple sweatshirt to a new level of fit and performance, the updated fleece hoody sheds water, wind and grime, while keeping a cozy feel against the skin. Simply indispensable. Performance: Smooth exterior deters water, wind and lint, and slides under additional layers without a hitch; the fleece interior retains warmth and feels great next to the skin. Fabric has four way stretch to keep up with your every move. Durable exterior has DWR treatment to repel water. Made using Polartec® Wind Pro® technology. Sustainability: The recycled polyester fabric was developed in partnership with Teijin, the yarn supplier behind ECOCIRCLE® technology, which creates yarn from post-consumer and post-industrial polyester waste. It was manufactured domestically by Polartec®, a company repeatedly lauded for working with its local community.

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