Nau Merino3 Hoody Reviews


So so so much love for my Nau hoody


Pros: soft, long in the torso, great hood, not your average hoody

Cons: requires hand washing

Okay, so I adore my Nau Merino3 Hoody.  Adore it.  It's incredibly soft and warm.  It's a great layer under another jacket or just over a shirt.  It's longer than most hoodies so it comes part way down my hips, which I'm a big fan of.  It's got pockets, a great hood.  The zipper comes up pretty far and the neck opening is different than most hoodies which gives it a nice style.  The merino wool is Zque certified for animal welfare and environmental standards. Now, the only drawbacks are a) originally it cost over $200 which is a little much for a hoodies, even a great one; b) you have to hand wash it; c) it looks a little funny unzipped...there's something about the way the hoodie is...
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