Nau Merino3 Hoody


Pros: soft, long in the torso, great hood, not your average hoody

Cons: requires hand washing

Okay, so I adore my Nau Merino3 Hoody.  Adore it.  It's incredibly soft and warm.  It's a great layer under another jacket or just over a shirt.  It's longer than most hoodies so it comes part way down my hips, which I'm a big fan of.  It's got pockets, a great hood.  The zipper comes up pretty far and the neck opening is different than most hoodies which gives it a nice style.  The merino wool is Zque certified for animal welfare and environmental standards.


Now, the only drawbacks are a) originally it cost over $200 which is a little much for a hoodies, even a great one; b) you have to hand wash it; c) it looks a little funny unzipped...there's something about the way the hoodie is designed that it falls open kind of strangely.  But aside from that (and the lack of thumb holes), I love it.  I just wish they still had the other color in stock in my size.

Nau Merino3 Hoody

The only layer you’ll ever need. Crafted from our new soft merino wool fleece, the Zque-certified Merino3 Hoody is best worn before, during, and after all your cold-weather play. No need to remove, ever.

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