NaturOli Nuts Soap Nuts Reviews


Great Quality


Pros: Excellent quality, most whole nuts, highly effective, all packaging is recyclable.

Cons: haven't found any yet

I tried NaturOli's Nuts after trying three other suppliers. I noticed the difference right away when I opened the muslin bag. The soap nuts were bigger than the other companies. They were almost all whole nuts. When I made the first batch of soap nuts liquid which I use in the dishwasher I noticed a really big difference. Usually when I poured cold tap water onto the other companies' soap nuts I got a bubble or two. When I did that with the ones I got from NaturOli I got lots of bubbles, and that was with cold tap water. I also noticed that it is easier to be sure I use the right amount in the laundry because I don't have to stand and count half nuts and pieces of nuts. Oh and everything...
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NaturOli soap nuts - a real alternative to harmful chemical detergents and cleansers


Pros: green, safe, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, eliminates need for softeners and dryer sheets, easy to use

Cons: doesn't remove tough greasy stains so still need to pretreat some stains

For anyone who suffers from allergies or has any skin sensitivities, soap nuts may be your dream come true. From laundry, to dishes, to washing the car, to personal hygiene - soap nuts provide chemical free solutions. These are remarkable gifts that nature has provided us. The natural skin care company NaturOli has introduced these little gems and is heavily promoting them in the US. Rather than explaining a lot here, NaturOli provided a good bit of information in an easy to understand format:  This is oriented towards use as a green and natural detergent, however I have been told that this is simply the beginning and that they have MANY soap nut based...
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