Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed Capsules Reviews


These really work!


Pros: Plenty of milk! :-)

Cons: Not having enough freezer containers for all of the extra milk???

As soon as my son got more dependent on bottles (I have to pump exclusively now since he refuses the breast) and his appetite increased tremendously during his growth spurts...I was unable to pump enough milk for him. I started taking these capsules to help produce extra milk so that daddy could feed him when I went to night school everyday...and boy did I make plenty! It took me about 2 days before I saw any increase, but now I can pump twice as much as I did before! As for the comment below about the plugged soon as I was pumping enough milk, I decreased the pill intake from 3 to 2 pills 3 times a day and massage each breast for a few minutes before (and sometimes during)...
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Can be helpful


Pros: Helps build supply

Cons: Beware of plugged ducts

I used this for a while and it did seem to help build my supply. However i did stop taking it, because i seemed to be getting a lot of plugged ducts within a short period of time. Whether or not this was the cause, i dont know. Everyone is different, so i think that this may work for some moms, but may not for others.

Fenugreek Works!


Pros: Reaslly Works!

Cons: Have to take a lot

Fenugreek really works to boost my milk supply! Like the previous reviewer said, I started out having to take 4, 3 times a day. Now, I take 4, twice a day. You do have to take a lot of capsules, but it's worth it if you need to boost your milk supply. I recommend Fenugreek to all nursing mothers who have a supply issue.

Works Great!


Pros: Really increases your milk supply.

Cons: Have to take several per day.

This also helped build my Milk Supply back up.  The only draw back was that I needed to take 3-4 capsules 3 times a day for it to work effectively.  That's allot of swallowing!