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Nature's Style Magic Spray and Wipe


Pros: No use of water, can be used inside garage

Cons: not many distibuters in US

I use it for all my cars and also use it for my model car collection. Work great leaves no marks after its dry.

Nature's Style Magic Spray and Wipe

In simple terms - the formulation ‘LUBRICATES & LIFTS‘ the debris off surfaces, almost like making it ‘float’. When the debris meets a clean, damp (very well wrung) quality chamois, it gets attracted into it. That is why it seems so easy to simply spray and ‘wipe off’ dirt without scratching! Simply rinse your chamois in a bucket of recycled water regularly during the wash. For insects on side mirrors, windscreen and bonnet fronts - spray the area and then gently run your finger over these areas - the wipe with damp chamois or dry towel. Nature's “Style Magic” is an OH&S dream – non-toxic, non-allergenic - you can almost drink it! Correctly formulated and pH balanced Style Magic lifts dirt and once removed, leaves a beautiful sheen that lasts – anti-static, anti-dust! Clean windows, plastic, leather and glass more effectively and effortlessly than ever. With Style Magic Auto Spray you simply spray on and wipe off... It's that easy! There is no hazy residue to buff off, no dry powder left in cracks, Style Magics all natural formula simply cleans almost any hard surface without stripping existing protectants and finishes, removing only the dirt, leaving you with a streak free gleaming finish. Style Magic is made from naturally derived ingredients, it works by penetrating and lubricating the dirt and lifting it off the surface. All you do is wipe it off with a damp chamois, forget the hard work, it really is simple. Style Magic is a Smart Watermark approved product, it saves you water and also saves time and money, it is totally portable, wash anywhere, anytime, no mess, no fuss, it is the only natural, cost effective solution to washing your vehicle exterior and interior. With Style Magic Spray & Wipe Auto Spray you clean your vehicle exterior & interior, naturally.

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › Car Care › Nature's Style Magic Spray and Wipe