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Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries Reviews

Positive Reviews


Better than any Toaster Pastry


Pros: delicious

Cons: they run out too quick

If you like poptarts, or any type of toaster pastry you will definitely love these. I saw them at Trader Joes and decided to try them -  I was pleasantly surprised. They are now a regular on my grocery list.

Negative Reviews


this stuff is bad for you


Pros: none

Cons: full of fat and sugar

I've seen this stuff made and the filling they use in most of these brands is all fat and sugar-literally! They shut down a plant in Canada only to make them in the US. This company is full of hype. There are better options in my opinion. The owner even got caught cutting down his own trees when he was not supposed to. You would do much better elsewhere IMO.

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Pure addiction


Pros: yummy, organic

Cons: addictive

The new Wildberry Acai Toaster Pastry are wildly addictive so beware.  If you want to be taken back to your childhood (or at least my childhood of popping pop tarts) pick them up and relish in the goodness.  I like this company and the ingredients they use in their products.  I am under no illusion that these toaster pastries are healthy but at least they aren't riddled with corn syrup :)

Great Tasting & Convenient - the kids LOVE them


Pros: Nice Convenience food - easy to pack for lunches and snaacks

Cons: Still have a lot of sugar

My kids LOVE all of the flavors of the Toaster Pasteries, and ask for them for breakfast and/or snacks.There are a variety of flavors - my kids' favorite is Pomogranate.I feel good giving to the kids because it is organic and nutritious.

Super tasty.


Pros: Super, super tasty.

Cons: Bad at being not tasty.

These are fiendishly addictive. Watch yourself.

Great snack food


Pros: Tasty

Cons: Not very nutrious

These things are very tasty, I've found myself eating too many in one sitting. However it's mostly empty calories so I wouldn't recommended this for breakfast or anything.

Mmmmmmm MMMH!!!


Pros: Great tasting AND Organic!!!

Cons: ...not calorie free (LOL!)

We actually found these at not only Trader Joe's, but at Costco as well!  Have tried the blueberry, cherry pomegran, and the maple and cinnamon.  Love them all.  If you like toaster pastries (warmed or just out of the wrapper) - you will certainly love these!  ...and they're USDA Organic!!!

Yummy! Are these organic?


Pros: Very tasty

Cons: Very Fattening

I am not a big toaster patry fan but these are pretty good!  What a great thing there is an organic pastry to eat.  I really like the blueberry flavor.

Sweet and organic


Pros: Organic, vegetarian

Cons: Still not exactly nutritious, pretty sweet

I've never been a huge fan of sweet things for breakfast.  Even as a kid, I wasn't really one for frosted flakes or even Honey Nut Cheerios.  But if you're going to go for something sweet, particularly if you have yearnings for a good ol' pop tart, I would highly recommend Nature's Path toaster pastries.  While still not super nutritious (one pastry has 210 calories, 5g of fat, and 18g of sugar), if you're going to eat it, it might as well be organic.

What an upgrade to pop-tarts!


Pros: Childish yet sophisticated sweet treat

Cons: Trouble.... this is an undercover non-health food... hehee

 WOW.  I am not a toaster strudel / pop tart fan - but THIS was amazing.  Can't tell if I like them out of the package or toasted, but either way these are good!  Have not been able to stop eating them - there is always a reason!  The acai is my favorite, and I open a pack for one - and they both disappear.  I have been eating these more of late night treats then for breakfast.  HIGHLY recommended.
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