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Nature's Path Organic Optimum Cereal


Pros: Good when youre in a hurry

Cons: To sweet

Even though this isn't overlly sweet, I just don't like sugar in my cereal. The milk I ate with this cereal got sugary pretty quick but the actual cereal was quite good. If I had tried it in yogurt or just ate it by its lonesome Im sure I would of had no complaints. 

Plus the actual benefits of the whole grains, omega-3's, and fiber more than make up for sugary milk that I had come about. Its worth trying out if you don't mind a little bit of a sugary taste. 


Pros: Flax, Soy, Blueberry - I love it!

Cons: The serving sizes are toooo small

 Yum.  I love Nature's Path and the Optimum Cereal has so much goodness and nutrients in it.  Such a great combo of vitamins and stuff to fuel you up pre or post workout.  Or just to enjoy on a regular breakfast morning.  I LOVE cereal, and this one is a favorite of mine! Such a treat!


Ok, maybe not miracle, but it's sweet and crunchy and filling and lovely. Everything I'm looking for in a breakfast partner. Add milk and thank the higher powers for a good start to the day.


Pros: Filling, fibrous, sweet, cinnamon"y"

Cons: Could get tiring to chew

There isnt much to say here. I really liked this and am going to purchase it again (for the first time. I was given a sample at the Huddler fete). It isnt a cereal that weakens with milk, which is great, and is lovely naked. The cereal that is. Not the eater.


Pros: The right mix of cruchiness and sweetness

Cons: none

I cereal I'm hooked on to! The light cinnamon smells great. I love that it has flax to provide my Omega 3 intake as a veggie. It's not too sweetness (I have it with plain soy milk). A yummy product!


Pros: healthy, natural, clean

Cons: ordinary

It has a nice flavor, but weird texture and I don't like the different shapes that feel odd in my mouth. Eat it with fruit and it tastes really good.


Pros: High in fiber, not too sweet, good and crunchy, organic, made with whole grains

Okay, in full disclosure, I've only tried one of the Nature's Path Optimum cereals -- it was the Power Breakfast kind.  And while I didn't eat it for breakfast (in fact, I ate it straight from the bag at 6:15PM), I sure feel powerful! 


In all seriousness, I was feeling a bit peckish so I pulled a sample pack of this cereal down from the cupboard.  It's quite tasty for snacking.  I'm not usually a sweet cereal fan, but this one wasn't too overdone on that front (although I'm not sure I'd be so keen to eat it with milk...but that's just me not liking cereal turning my milk all sweet-like).  Texture-wise, I like that this cereal has a nice mix of flakes, puff things, crunchy bits, and freeze-dried blueberries.  It keeps it interesting.


Nutrition-wise, it's pretty solid.  Of course, it's certified organic, but it's also high in fiber (7g per serving), low in fat (2.5g per serving), and made with whole grains.


I can't say I'm totally floored or that my socks are 100% rocked...but I like it.  And I'd certainly pick up a box.

Nature's Path Organic Optimum Cereal

Nature's Path Optimum Cereal is offered in: Optimum Power Breakfast (Flax, Soy, Blueberry), Optimum ReBounc (Banana, Flax, Almond, Matcha Green Tea), Optimum Zen (Cranberry, Ginger), and Optimum Slim.

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