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Nature's One Baby's Only Organic Dairy Formula


Pros: Organic Toddler formula

Cons: hard to disolve

We just bought 2 more today!. It tooke me forever to find a Toddler formula that was organic...I had no idea this product was out. I love it...My son LOVES the taste of it over the other formula he was originally on. The only problem I have is that it takes a while for it to completely disolve. I can't hid the fact that I am making this for my son because wherever he is he can hear that I'm making it and runs to me so he get's it a tiny bit chunky...But if you wait like 10 minutes it usually completely disolves. Also we don't shake the bottle we only stir it because of the bubbles so that probably takes longer also.

This company has a wonderful website that explains everything they put in it and why and why it's better then other formulas out there for toddlers.

Nature's One Baby's Only Organic Dairy Formula

Dairy Formula Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formulas Do Not Contain life'sDHA™ Fatty Acids. Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formulas do not contain C. cohnii oil (algae) & M. alpina oil (fungus) used in organic infant formulas, which are treated with hexane solvent, acid, and bleach. Parents should be aware of the following: In 2001, US infant formula manufacturers began adding a novel source of DHA and ARA that is manufactured by Martek Biosciences called life'sDHA™. This DHA is derived from strains of algae; the ARA is manufactured using a non-toxigenic soil fungus. In 2006, organic infant formula companies began promoting their use of this same ingredient. The following is the manufacturing process described by Martek: “The oil is then separated from the dried biomass by hexane extraction and centrifugation and/or filtration, followed by winterization. The hexane phase undergoes additional centrifugation/filtration to remove solids then the winterized oil is heated and treated with acid. Subsequently, the oil is treated with caustic, centrifuged, bleached and deodorized.” 1 Learn more at Cornucopia Institute Sam Zeller, Ph.D. - Martek Biosciences Corporation, Food & Drug Administration Agency Response Letter, GRAS Notice No. GRN 000137 Baby’s Only Organic® is an iron-fortified nutritional dairy formula that provides the essential vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty-acids and carbohydrates needed to support your baby's continued growth and development. Nature's One® designed its organic formulas according to the nutritional requirements as defined in the law called the Infant Formula Act. Baby’s Only Organic® is labeled a toddler formula because Nature’s One® believes breast milk is the best organic choice the first 12-months of life. After breastfeeding, parents can continue providing organic nutrition using Baby’s Only Organic® dairy formula. For a baby less than 12-months, use as directed by a healthcare professional. We recommend that you present our leading brand nutritional comparison chart to your doctor. After 12-months of age, some pediatricians may recommend cow or goat milk. These beverages fail to provide the complete nutrition and critical fatty acids found in Baby's Only Organic® formula. It is important for a toddler to consume foods that offer a well-rounded diet consisting of the appropriate amounts of protein foods, breads and cereal products, fruits and vegetables. It is also important for toddlers to receive the proper nutrition in the correct balance. As toddlers are introduced to new foods and experience fussy eating patterns, parents can insure their child is consuming the proper levels of these important nutrients by offering Baby’s Only Organic® as a beverage to compliment table foods until 3-years of age. Nature’s One® ingredient standards extend beyond “organic,” insuring the highest quality formulas available.

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