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Nature's Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet


Pros: look Ma no septic tank

Cons: moderate capacity

We have this on our boat, which means we don't need to call the pumpout boat, and that's a good thing, because in Puerto Rico, they don't have pump out boats! Many boaters just grind up their excrement, mix it with chlorine, and pump it into the ocean. We like this method far better, and we never had any smell problem at all, and it worked so well that now we are using it to make a summer time handicapped accessible toilet for our guest cabin on land. We know we'll have to empty it regularly, but this is far easier to handle than a portapotty where everything is mixed together!  Here's how it works: you use it like any other toilet when you go pee, but for poop,first you have to push a lever which opens a trap door. This way, the poop goes down the trap door, after the pee has been diverted into a bottle. With the two of us, we had to empty the pee bottle every couple of days, which is easy because pee is sterile, and you can pour it into the ocean, or it could be applied to a garden. The solids accumulate much more slowly and compost aerobically in peat moss, and after about one month, you can either bag the dirt and bring it to the dump, or you can compost it further and use it on your ornamentals. When we dumped our "dirt" under an ornamental tree, we were surprised and amazed to find it didn't smell at all, it was remarkably well composted. We were proud that our boat didn't pollute the ocean, and we wished that more boaters used this! This is perfect for two people for daily use.


Pros: Extreme water savings, self-contained system, odor control

Cons: You have to admit you poop.

We have been using ours full-time for about five months.  Upsides are what you would expect:

  • Waterless = radical savings of resources (we live in a motorhome)
  • Self-contained
  • Construction seems durable


Unexpected upsides:

  • Relatively high capacity in composting vault (about 6-8 weeks of use for two people who go to work part-time)
  • No odor


The "pee bucket" must be dumped every 2-3 days of full-time use.  Urine smells.  Sorry, haven't found a way around that.  It smells when we pee into drinking water, too, but then it is removed from our presence and no longer offends our sensibilities.  If you know a way around this, I want to know.  No, I NEED to know!  Please tell me.


Edit:  For two people at full-time usage, holding time is more like two weeks.  Clean-out is inoffensive, even if it has been used the same day.

Nature's Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

This is a self-contained, waterless, urine separating, composting toilet. It is easy to install, easy to empty, and affordable. This toilet or head, (the marine term for toilet) was designed by two long time sailors who sought to create a more eco-friendly and user-friendly version of other marine toilets on the market. While the Nature's Head Composting Toilet was specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, it can be used anywhere -- all hardware on the toilet is stainless steel. The exhaust fan can be powered by either a 12volt computer-style fan, or alternately by a solar powered vent.

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