Nature's Gate Organics Liquid Hand Soap Reviews

Positive Reviews


I think it's getting a bad rap?


Pros: Scent, cleaning,

Cons: pricey

 I really like the scent and cleaning, it's too expensive, but I'm wondering if they couldn't cheapen it up with a boardbox packaged refill option?

Good for the face, too


Pros: Non-drying, multi-purpose

I used this as a multi-purpose soap, both for my hands and face, with good results (prevention of blemishes and a dry/cracking feeling). It rinsed off thoroughly with minimal effort, and had a pleasant scent.

Perfect for guest bathroom (and yours, of course)


Pros: Great smell, leaves hands clean

Cons: Can't think of any

I love this hand soap and we always keep some in the guest bathroom to treat our guests. It leaves your hands silky and smooth and there's no soapy residue when you wash it off. Perfect for people who wash their hands often (doctors, nurses, cooks) since it doesn't dry out your hands.

Negative Reviews


Come on, Nature's Gate...

I used the Lemongrass and Cleary Sage version in my bathrooms for awhile...until I realized that the soap is laden with preservatives including methylparaben and propylparaben. It seems like Nature's Gate is only calling this organic because of a few organic extracts - but that doesn't overshadow the fact that half the ingredients in this soap are synthetic.

What's so sticky?


Pros: All natural, scent, price

Cons: gel, sticky

I did not have much time and needed soap, so why not giving this one a try. It says "It leaves hands feeling clean and silky-soft", which is a line all soap marketers use. No one wants dry hands and a feeling of dirt after doing something very few enjoy: washing hands. But this is too much, hours later I still feel my hands are not properly rinsed. I feel there is a sticky film covering them. I'm just not thrilled. Perhaps this is a good product for super dry hands ... I don't know. Not for me :((

Smells Great but is "toxic"


Pros: Smells Lovely

Cons: has a slew of known "icky" ingredients, is not truly organic- greenwashers

Ok, we sell this at the health food store where I work. I hate that people keep buying it. It has Parabens & Urea in it, yuck, it has EDTA in it, yuck, PEG's, yuck yuck yuck. When will companies STOP calling themselves Organic whilst using these chemical/synthetic carcinogenic ingredients? Take out the yuck ingredients, or stop calling yourself organic!