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Nature's Earth Feline Pine Natural Pine Cat Litter


Pros: smells nice, natural, organic, biodegradable, flushable

Cons: needs to be replaced when it breaks down

We used to use Feline Pine in our cats' litterbox, and I liked the stuff.  It smells quite nice - like pine trees.  It's also 100% natural, organic, biodegradable, and flushable, although I recall reading that you're not supposed to flush cat poop.


Anyway it's nice stuff, and not too expensive.  It comes in little cylindrical pine pellets.  The only problem is that after a bit of use and scooping, the pellets tend to break down and get wet pretty easily, and then you have to replace the whole litterbox full of damp pine stuff.  I think the pine litterbox lifetime is pretty comparable to your cheap silica-type litters.


This is probably my favorite cat litter, and I've also used the newspaper kind and the normal cheap silica type stuff.  Feline Pine works well and smells good, which is especially helpful when dealing with stinky cat poop!


Pros: I'm not sure

Cons: Not sure either

I got this for my cat to try, but she would not even go near it.  I tried the pine pellets-my cat was afraid of them.  Maybe I will also try their clumping formula. She will probably like that better.  I also noticed the odour was very strong.  This is not a negative review nor possitive since my cat did not really use it at all.


Pros: odor control, compostable

Cons: Kitten didn't like it

When we had one cat, this was the litter we used. It is great at controlling odor- I'd say the best I've ever used.  It is compostable, so we could dispose of it easily. It isn't expensive either. This cat took awhile to get used to the texture of the litter. When we got a kitten, she refused to go near it- the smell and texture is different then what she was box trained with. For our own convenience we stopped using it. We are going to try it again next time we buy litter.


My wife and I have two cats.  We tried a small package of feline pine once, setting it out in a separate box next to our regular box filled with our regular litter.


One of the cats is picky about having a clean litter box, and absolutely loved the stuff.  The other is a digger, and he refused to go anywhere near the feline pine.  That made it a non-option for us.

Nature's Earth Feline Pine Natural Pine Cat Litter

Feline Pine ranked #1 for least dust emissions by an independent research company. And because Pine is free of any harmful silica dust, using Feline Pine will allow you and your cat to breathe easier in a healthier home environment! Feline Pine naturally neutralizes strong odors on contact, leaving your home remarkably fresh! Our highly absorbent Pine litter binds directly to ammonia particles and locks them away for good. Simply scoop and discard waste daily and you’ll enjoy a fresher, healthier home. Our unique drying process completely dehydrates Pine fibers, which is why Feline Pine fully absorbs liquid, just like thousands of tiny sponges! That means your cat’s litter box will stay fresh and dry, making cleanup easy. And because the litter box stays drier with Feline Pine, it minimizes the chance of bacterial growth, keeping your home and family healthier. * NO harsh artificial fragrances * NO dangerous silica dust * NO unnatural chemical additives * Virtually dust-free pellets

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