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A Review On: NatureMill PLUS Composter

NatureMill PLUS Composter

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Pros: Good Concept

Cons: Unreliable Operation

I had the PLUS edition for 9 days. It made a nice compost in almost 6 days but when I transfer it JAMMED I could not clear the jam. I foudn from customer service and other reviews that JAM is a frequent problem. But lot of people have had luck with this. BUT IF SOME ONE LIKE ME WANTS TO KEEP TRYING TO MAKE IT WORK, I SRONGLY SUGGEST TO BUY FROM "COSTCO.COM" where you can return any time ( no time limit) for a full refund. Thats exactly what I did. I returned my 9 days old faulty Naturel Mill and re-ordered one again at COSTCO.COM. Only PLUS is available at cost for 299.00 + FREE 6 months supply of wood pellets. I thought it is a wise thing to do, instead of loosing 300, or 400 0r 200 dollars if you buy some where else and ran out of luck with the product.


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