Great Idea.... Terrible Product

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NatureMill PLUS Composter

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Pros: Idea....

Cons: Where do I start.....

OK, Where to start.... Be prepared, it is loud.... all the time a constant loud hummmmm. I have a wine cooler that I can't hear, but boy the composter is always making noise. Next, it gets jammed so easily. Like all the time. I eneded up 3 times having to put on rubber gloves and try to get everything unstuck. I had to throw away the half composted smelly compost to finally get everything cleared. Still don't know why it was jammed?  OK, that was week 2, week 3, same thing, and I was very very careful to cut everything up into small little pieces. Still there was a jam and I had to repeat the process. Oh, did I mention it smells, even though I followed the directions. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It's loud, poorly made, just a lame product.  Save yourself a lot of money and fuss.....


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