NatureMill PLUS Composter Reviews

Positive Reviews


Nature Mill is awesome!


Pros: great for indoor plants, uses little electricity, doesn't require turning or maintenance

Cons: not too many cons....doesn't produce a large amount of compost.

My family and I thoroughly enjoy our nature mill. It is one of numerous composters and compost piles we have and it is perfect for indoor potted plants and other small areas. It only takes two weeks to compost and it requires no turning or manual flipping. The amount of electricity used is the equivalence to the amount our toaster uses and it is quiet too. The Nature mill is great for people just starting out with composting!

Best composter ever! - NEWER XE MODEL IS EVEN BETTER


Pros: very convenient, can use indoors

Cons: must follow instructions carefully

This is a really good invention.  It works well and gives me a steady supply of nice fertilizer all the time, even in the winter.  I wish they had a bigger one for restaurants.  Be sure to ready and FOLLOW the instructions as you can have some real problems with jams otherwise.  UPDATE: They just released their 2010 model which they are calling the XE version.  It is listed at the companys website. We are going to get one for the office.  It seems to address a lot of the earlier reliability issues, as you would expect with any new model.  Way to go!  I am so glad this company has stuck around and continues to make cool new products. That's...
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Negative Reviews


My Year and a Half Saga


Pros: Really, none.

Cons: So many I can't name them all.

Do not, under any circumstances, buy the Nature Mill Indoor Composter!!!! I talked two friends into buying units with me to get the discount, and none of our units work properly. They’re flimsily made, and do not perform the way they’re supposed to. My unit broke after two weeks–it stopped mixing. My friend’s unit stopped emptying. My other friend's unit stopped emptying. We contacted the company (email is your only option here–no phone help available). We waited over a month for replacement parts. Imagine cleaning compost slime and gook off of many parts in order to dismantle everything to replace parts. Two weeks after I got my unit up and running again, it stopped emptying. The unit...
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DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

 I bought this for my wife for Christmas.  I did read the reviews and was aware of the loud popping noise it makes.  When we plugged it in instantly it started turning and as soon as it hits the dump tabs the motor slows down and forces it past this tab (HORRIBLE DESIGN) and it makes this VERY LOUD popping noise.  They say it goes away or to try some oil but the compost will just wipe that away quickly.  I emailed them over and over and even tried to call.  I never got a call back and I never got an email that was helpful one bit.  Now the composter won't dump down.  I am waiting to hear back but it has been a week already and no response.  They did offer to try and fix it if I paid the...
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Dreadful Product, Worse Customer Service


Pros: Doesn't Work. Can't return.

Cons: See above.

 My Nature Mill composter made exactly one bin of compost before crashing. Repeated calls to customer service promised fix after fix, but the latest fix would seem to require an advanced degree in mechanical engineering to install. Their promise is to repair or replace for the first year. They have done neither, and I am unable to make their latest "fix' work. Save your money.

More Reviews


really nice composter


Pros: small, convenient, simple

Cons: nowhere to put it, want the red one

I just got my Nature Mill a few months ago.  Darn!  Now they have the new color models out and I really want a red one.  Oh well.  Such is life with new technology.  But I have to say, it really works great, even if it is the plain black version.  It just chuggs away quietly in my kitchen (had to carve out a corner for it and now there is no space for my little pathetic wine rack).  I was a little concerned about using power to make compost, which seems to defeat the purpose, although it uses less power than a nightlight and I whave a few so I will just unplug one and not feel so guilty.  I've lost count of how many loads of compost I've made, and my plants are extremely happy and I have...
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Pros: easy, quick, convenient

  Great machine!  I was worried about its performance as it seems their older models were not as durable.  But my has been chugging along for several months making great compost right on schedule.  I definitely suggest getting the more expensive model because that one has all stainless steel material on the inside.  I am very careful about what I put in it - no bones or paper or lemons.  It is amazing how fast it happens - with just one day you can see compost happening!  It is under constant heat and moisture and mixing several times per day which speeds up the process.  This is a great invention.  One day we will all look back and remember the days when people didn't compost - like way...
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works well but limited capacity


Pros: convenient, indoors

Cons: limited size

I really like this product and the overall concept of composting.  It is great that people now have more choice in composting than previously.  I tried the old tumbler, and even worm composting (years ago when I had a garage).  Now I have very few choices and Naturemill is the best option.  It is a bit pricy, and unfortunately the capacity is limited - don't even think about grass clippings or yard waste!  It is just too small.  But it fits nicely in my small kitchen so I guess I can't complain. 

Great little machine


Pros: Easily changes kitchen trash into plant food

Cons: Pretty expensive, cheaply made

I've been looking at these for the past six months and have to say that the mixed reviews had me really worried.  We do not have enough room on our suburban lot to make a compost pile, so this looked like a good solution for us.  But, the reviews and price seemed like a real gamble.  I bought ours from Target online because they have a good reputation for taking back problem products.  Well, so far, so good.  Our little machine is chugging along, mixing yucky after dinner stuff, and turning out beautiful black compost.  I did end up moving it from our pantry onto our deck since I haven't been able to get a handle on the odor yet.  While it doesn't smell like "trash", it does smell very...
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don't get the PLUS, get the PRO


Pros: solid, powerful, fast

Cons: expensive

If you're going to get this, I strongly recommend splurging for the newer upgraded model - the pro.  It has the bigger motor and you can hear it grind through your scraps like nothing.  I saw a clip of the older model on utube and it definitely seems to be struggling and will probably jam or break eventually if you use it the way I do (a lot that is).  No problems yet to report, and the compost is truly amazing!  You can't buy that kind of compost!  Take it from me the compost alone is worth the price you pay for this machine, and the added convenience of not having to ferry your scraps back to the yard when it is raining/snowing is an added plus. 

read instructions or you will be sorry


Pros: easy to use

Cons: must balance greens and browns

I really like this product.  It works just as they show in the video.  Astoundingly fast!  I still can't believe it and have had it for several months already.  Just be sure to follow the instructions.  It is tempting just throw any old thing into the machine.  Don't do it.  You have to balance the greens and browns.  For an outside composter you also have to do that but if you forget you will not notice because it is outdoors.  If you keep your naturemill indoors as I do, then an imbalance will cause a sour odor when you open the lid.  Add in the sawdust as they recommend, keep the balance in check, and it will smell like hay and all is well. 

works well with practice


Pros: easy, convenient

This is a good product BUT you really need to read the instructions, and you need to practice balancing the greens and browns.  Otherwise it will get sour odors and possibly even jam, which can be a mess if you have to in there and remove whatever caused the jam.  We have had ours for about 6 months and now it is like second nature.  We have not had a jam for several months.  They explain in the instructions how to balance the chemistry and they even include some sawdust pellets to accomplish this.  We dump all of our coffee grounds, leftovers, and nasty unidentifiable crud from the back of our refrigerator and it just gobbles it up no problem.  The compost that comes out is very...
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it really works


Pros: easy to use

Cons: expensive

This composter really works.  I use it every day.  The compost comes out every 2 to 3 weeks and is basically ready for the garden.  I don't have the new Xe version although it does look like a significant upgrade with the stronger motor (mine jams sometimes and I even had it repaired once - their customer service is very good by the way). It is not the cheapest composter, but it is definitely the best.  It works just as they say it will.  It is very small and light weight for the amount of compost that it makes.  For a restaurant you might need two or three of them but for a home one should be enough.  It does not do paper.  But it does meat and dairy and even small chicken bones which is...
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Model XE is new and very solid


Pros: fast

Cons: expensive

I have the newer MODEL XE which is clearly an improvement over the older technology, based on the reviews. I got mine at Target and have been very happy with it.  I have already made a few batches of compost.  It is not like a regular outdoor composter which is extremely slow, or a worm composter which is just gross.  It can do meat and dairy products which is a bonus. 

New XE much better??


Pros: easy and not messy, when it works

Cons: spindles stopped turning after 6 months

Update to the Update (April 4, 2010: Hmmm, the XE they sent me last November has stopped turning; the motor is still going but the spindles that turn the compost are not moving unless I give them a little nudge, and then they just stop again at the same point. I've dropped my effectiveness rating down to two stars since it's only effective if I stand over it every four hours and nudge the spindles (not possible). I will be emailing NatureMill now, but they seem to read these reviews so... we'll see what happens. Update (November 2009): The new XE model is working beautifully. All the glitches that plagued my old model have been corrected so my composting experience is easy and pleasant. I...
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