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Nature Babycare Eco Friendly Diapers


Pros: affordable, biodegradable, allergen-free, ethical company

Cons: weak adhesive on tabs, tough to find sometimes

I have switched to cloth diapering full-time now, but I initially used these when my daughter was first born and continue to keep a few as "back-ups" in my diaper bag. What can I say other than these are the only disposables I will buy if given the choice. These are the only disposable diapers (other than g-diaper liners) that are 100% biodegradable. I also have researched the company (based in Sweden) and am very impressed by their mission statement and word-of-mouth based marketing campaign. I really think these diapers are the best for baby as they aren't made with a bunch of plastic, petroleum filled diapers (yes, this includes Seventh Generation) and never gave my baby a rash. My only qualms about this product were that the tabs were difficult to re-fasten if they came loose and they are sometimes difficult to track down. I had to call around at my local Targets to figure out which stores carried them (be sure to verify they have the size you are looking for!) as they are still somewhat of a new, "featured" product. At $9.50 a case this is a waaaay better option than any of the competition!


Pros: Biodegradable, absorbent, chlorine-free, natural

I LOVE these diapers. I CD now (and use NBc for travel) but I used to use these daily.  They fit my son perfectly, don't leak at night (my son is a heavy wetter), they are totally natural, and they are about the same price as most mainstream diapers.  They seem stiff at first but once they are on they are flexible and the inside is soft. My son has never had any problems (diaper rash, red marks) in these diapers. I definitely recommend Nature Babycare over Seventh Generation (or any other disposable). 


Pros: Work Great, Good for the planet

Cons: a couple times the strap came off. Can be pricey

These are the diapers I use when I can't use cloth. They are my 3rd to go to...My first is cloth...second is g...but when I don't have my washing machine up and running I use these. I have never had a problem with them except 2 times the strap came off and I had to throw that one out and get another one. Also they can be a little bit pricey but I buy them at Target where they are cheaper.

Also like others said...These are THE ABSOLUTE BEST Eco Friendly Diapers by far... I've triend Earth's best, Seventh Generation...and Nature Babycare blew them both out of the water.


Pros: Compostable, very absorbent

Cons: Fit is not perfect

We had been using the Seventh Gen diapers until we found out that they are still a plastic diaper, albeit without chlorine bleach. These are compostable, oil-free, they don't fit well but not quite as well, but they're more absorbent for nighttime use. Baby loves them.


Highly recommend if you have to use disposables.


These are the best traditional disposable diaper we could find for our little one's sensitive skin. They are also cheaper than the other "green" disposables that we have used. We have been really happy with these diapers.


Pros: Great alternative to regular disposables

Cons: Leg holes are a bit large/awkward.

I bought these when my son was a new born because he was too small for his Bum Genius 3.0 yet.

These are a great alternative to buying regular disposables. They are made from corn and contain no petroleum. I would recommend them to anyone who can't stomach the idea of cloth diapers.

A couple of quick things- one the leg holes are rather large and it makes the diaper fit funny. It seems like this would be a problem & cause leaks but surprisingly I never had a problem with leaks.

The tabs on the diapers do stick to the outside of the diaper when you try to wrap it up to dispose of it but the tabs will stick to each other so it's really not an issue.

They don't make a size for preemies or newborns. They start off with size 1 which will fit babies around 8 lbs.


Nature Babycare Eco Friendly Diapers

Nature babycare, the award winning ECO diaper - A proven success in Europe and now available in North America! Product features: - Award Winning Premium Performance eco-friendly disposable diaper - Awarded the Eco Label “Good Environmental Choice” of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) - NO oil-based plastics against baby’s skin - Kinder and more gentle to your baby and the environment - Breathable and chlorine-free with natural based material, for natural protection - Ultra-thin construction gives a non-bulky fit, enabling your baby to move around freely - Consumer packaging is based on 100% natural renewable material. No oil-based plastics! - Winner of the 06-07 Silver Award for “Best Disposable Diaper,” featured in Mother & Baby Magazine, a leading UK baby magazine Features and Benefits of Nature babycare: -Chlorine-free absorbent materials – does not contribute to dioxin pollution -100 % natural based back sheet – NO plastic - reduce the greenhouse effect -100 % natural distribution layer – NO plastic - reduce the greenhouse effect -100 % compostable consumer packaging – NO plastic - reduce the greenhouse effect -No latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyl tin) The use of compostable natural materials based on renewable sources reduces the green house effect.

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