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Natracare Natural Pads


Pros: comfortable, organic

Cons: expensive, not very absorbant

I have been wanting to try these for a long time but didn't because of the price. I decided to suck it up and try them this week. I like that they are biodegradable, even the protective "plastic" layer is made of corn. I got the regular ones since the store didn't have the longer ones and they are very comfortable and thin. The problem though is that they are not very absorbent. For heavy flow you would have to change very often, which means that you would use more pads and at this price it would end up being very expensive. I am thinking of using them only on the last couple of days of my period, because using them on the first day was a bit of a disaster (I don't need to be stressed about leaks, especially when I am at work, thank you). 


Pros: Organic Cotton, Plastic Free

Cons: Not thick enough or sticky enough..but they are working on it.

This company is the only one I know of that uses Organic Cotton to make their disposable PADS with. 7th Generation uses unbleached wood pulp. I like that NatraCare uses certified organic ingredients. They also make Organic Cotton panty liners, Organic Tampons and Organic Fem Wipes (which are wonderful and great for traveling)

They are a plastic free product and biodegradable. I like the plastic free part. 7th Gen is not plastic free, even their packaging is plastic. Natracare uses recycled paper board.


The things I don't like about their product line, in the past the sticky parts were sparse, they have recently upgraded the amount of coverage of the sticky, though it can still give way. I also find that some of their pads are too thin for heavy flows. I have found that the "Long with Wings" is the best coverage and best sticky. Over all, I choose this brand over 7th Gen.

Natracare Natural Pads

Most of the widely available sanitary pads sold today contain a blend of chlorine-bleached pulp, polypropylene, polyacrylates and plastic. It makes sense to choose a pad that is made from natural materials. Many gynecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use natracare pads to reduce their contact with chlorine bleached materials, and also products containing synthetics, latex and super absorbents made from petrochemicals. Every year, billions of plastic laden pads are disposed of, and generally they end up in landfill sites to sit unaltered for hundreds of years. Every year, in Britain alone, we would have to dig a hole three hundred feet deep and three hundred feet wide to bury the sanitary pads that are thrown away. Natracare chemical free pads are high quality products made from only pure and natural materials that are made from plant cellulose. They are not chlorine bleached and are free of rayon, plastics and other similar synthetic materials that have a negative impact on our environment. They are comfortable and reliable and available in different absorbencies and styles. The regular pad is narrower towards the middle of the pad so that it fits the contours of the body more readily, whilst the Slender and Super pads are the same width all along the pad’s length for a more traditional fit. The Ultra with wings is a slim pad with the added protection of wings. They are individually wrapped so that they can be kept discretely in your bag.

Additional FeaturesNon-chlorine bleached, Perfume free, Natural materials, Extra soft cover, Plastic free, Biodegradable
TypeDisposable Sanitary Napkin
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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Natural Personal Care › Feminine Care › Natracare Natural Pads