Naked Juice Reviews

Positive Reviews


Nake Juice


Pros: Good

Cons: Naked

This is a good juice, but why naked? It really be helpful if your in a hurry...good juice!

Ver delicious!


Pros: Its packed with alots of fruits and veggies and is the most delicious pureed drink I've ever had!

Cons: its really thick so if you just wanted more of a thirst quencher, the super green food one isn't for that. Its also kinda expensive

I actually never gave this product a second glance until one day I was craving juice but was getting sick of the sugary taste and watered down taste of other products that I have tried before. So I got the super green one and it was really thick...(its a good thing I didn't eat prior lol) but some of the other Naked products are more smooth and thin, but the super green is by far my favorite! 

A tasty nutritious drink!


Pros: A meal substitute

Cons: Too thick to be refreshing as simply a beverage

This is a good treat and is very nutritious.  It has a great taste!  It is quite a thick drink and I would rather drink water or tea when really thirsty.  It is good for you though and that is worth a lot!

Negative Reviews


unrecyclable plastic containers


Cons: bottles have both #7 and #2 plastic symbols

While we have no complaints about the juice Naked Juice sells, we do have complaints about the misrepresentation of the plastic bottle's ability to be recycled.  Plastic resins cannot be mixed if they are to be recycled.  Even a small amount of the wrong kind of plastic can ruin the melt for recycling.  So the Society of Plastic Industry initiated the resin coding system in 1988.  However, Naked Juice made the corporate decision to use two recycling symbols on their bottles, both #2 HDPE and #7 Other.  #7 plastic is non-recyclable in all municipal recycle programs.  I wrote the company on two occasions asking them to come clean on what the bottle was.  Their claim is that most of the...
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Blocks up NYC bike lanes, find a healthier alternative


Pros: Tastes good

Cons: Naked Juice puts cyclists at risk

Naked Juice has failed to respond to concerns from cyclists about this violation and others in NYC - We will be doing our best to ensure that as many people as possible see this photo and discover that Naked Juice is hiding something in NYC - their disregard for the safety of cyclists.

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Yummy in my Tummy


Pros: Substitute for Smoothies, Tasty, All-Natural

Cons: expensive, addictive, always want more

Odwalla bridged the gap for All-Natural, expensive, and tasty fruit beverages. Thanks to them we have expensive fruit beverages like Naked Juice and Bolthouse's All-Natural Juices :) I've never consistently bought Odwalla because its soooo expensive. But, for some reason I always purchase Naked Juice or Bolthouse Farms All-Natural beverages. It could be because of the name and packaging that makes it unable to resist purchasing these juice that always keeps me wanting more. Despite the high price - it's worth putting in my fridge - but barely last 3 days.  



Pros: One of the more eco-friendly juice/smoothie companies?

Cons: Not my cup of tea

My gut reaction was "What's so green about Naked juice?"  So I went looking for answers- and pleasantly, according to their website, they are at least taking some steps in the eco-friendly direction.  You can always help them on that mission by buying their larger bottle sizes! :) Personally, I am not a huge Naked fan.  I've tried a few flavors (maybe just never the right one for me?), and while some are okay, others I don't even want to finish.  I prefer the Bolthouse Farms Berry smoothie- but this appears to be the greener company...   

Naked Juce


Pros: very tasty & the kids like the berry flavor one

Cons: Has to be keept cold not good for taking hiking or if your going to be outdoors

Great if you dont have time to use a juicer or if your on the run

I drink one every once in a while


Pros: healthy

For some reason, I pick up a "Naked (either superfood or carrot juice) whenever I feel a little under the weather or after a late night out. I guess the look of the bottle, the text on the label and the actual texture and look of the drink make my mind believe that its superhealthy. And hey, maybe it is! I do feel better after Naked :-) 

Choose Your Flavor


Pros: Taste, health factor

Cons: Price, a few bad flavors

Okay, I started out with Red Machine and have been in love ever since.  It is a little frustrating that even on sale, these 15 oz smoothies are the same price as an entire gallon of other juices, but I guess you pay more for "no sugar added" and "not from concentrate."  But they are great to fulfill those mid morning cravings and a perfect substitution for desert.  Because of my current addiction to them, I tend to ignore the price.  I definitely recommend that you try these, just be choosy, and don't let one flavor turn you off. The bad news, some flavors just don't taste good.  I tried Blue Machine today because they were out of my usual.  BLEH!  I thought it was terrible, I imagine you...
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Naked Yum!


Pros: Delicious, Filling, Natural, Nutritious

I've got fruit cravings during my pregnancy, and fruit juice is just as good as fresh fruit to handle my cravings.  I love love love fruit juice, so this really hit the spot.

Great Taste


Pros: Fresh Fruit Taste

Cons: High Price

These products are really tasty.  We don't buy them often because they do cost quite a bit around here.  I like to buy them as a treat for my kids.  We havn't tried any flavor that wasn't GREAT!

Good for the price

I used to drink loads of these last year while at school. They are supposed to be made from fresh fruit and need to be refrigerated. I tried most flavors but most were too sweet for me. Especially the ones that had fruit concentrates like pomegranate. The one I really liked and went back to was the green superfood. It is made of vegetables mostly. I found that the protein one actually filled me up quite a bit. The energy ones have guarana, which made me a bit jittery so I stopped drinking those. Overall it's not a bad product, I would like to see an organic version of it though. The price is more reasonable than other comparable juices so they are a good value. I also like that they list...
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