Nail Aid Pink Natural Growth Therapy Reviews


Gentle relief for harshly treated nails


Pros: Avoids the big three nasty chemicals, dries quickly, works

Cons: Only available online

I'm pregnant, I swim, I'm a big-time gardener, and I like to have nails that look at least passably neat. So I needed a nail strengthening product without DBP, formaldehyde, or toluene that actually worked.  I found Nail Aid via google and really liked their "We Care" page, describing their committment to women's health and empowerment causes, the environment, and cruelty-free causes.   I ordered their Pink Natural Growth Therapy and their Clear Liquid Bandage for broken nails (you get free shipping when you order two products).  Products arrived quickly in recycled postage materials, and when opened didn't knock me down with that horrible auto-paint smell.  Between the swimming and the...
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