n:vision 14w soft white br30 floodlight Reviews


Bulb stolen from the set of Alien


Pros: Eventually creates light

Cons: A bit of flicker, slow light up, horrible color

This was my first attempt at replacing my recessed light floodlight bulbs with CFL's, it didn't go well. This bulb was cheap, which was good for testing, but thats about it for the pros. It took a while to light up and had that horrible flicker at the beginning. Once it did light up, it still seemed way too blue ( i know it was one of the lower color temps, but I expected more).  The bulb has now been delegated to outside duty so I do not need to see it on a regular basis. I'd try either the "red" or "blue" packaged bulbs that have a higher color temp, but they are more expensive and exceed my willingness to spend more money for something that might not look to good.