Myers Motors NmG Reviews


EB1RD experience


Pros: Dependable low cost ride to work daily, cool ride, over 14,500 miles experience

Cons: Windshield wiper misses large portion of windshield, defog blower weak

I purchased my NmG May 18th, 2006. It was a prototype used in development by Myers Motors and has the serial #004. It is bright yellow and very noticable as it comes down the road. I drove it 16 miles daily to work for 2 years amounting to over 10,000 miles on the first set of Optima batteries. Speeds of 35 - 55 MPH were common on the roads travelled.  I replaced the battery pack this spring with new Optimas priced at $185 each and there are 13 of them. I found 3 batteries weak, but was able to resell 10 of them on eBay in the $75 to $80 price range. I figure my net cost of operating the NmG is around 8 cents per mile including the battery replacement. I now have about 14,500 miles on the...
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