Myers Motors NmG


Pros: Dependable low cost ride to work daily, cool ride, over 14,500 miles experience

Cons: Windshield wiper misses large portion of windshield, defog blower weak

I purchased my NmG May 18th, 2006. It was a prototype used in development by Myers Motors and has the serial #004. It is bright yellow and very noticable as it comes down the road. I drove it 16 miles daily to work for 2 years amounting to over 10,000 miles on the first set of Optima batteries. Speeds of 35 - 55 MPH were common on the roads travelled.  I replaced the battery pack this spring with new Optimas priced at $185 each and there are 13 of them. I found 3 batteries weak, but was able to resell 10 of them on eBay in the $75 to $80 price range. I figure my net cost of operating the NmG is around 8 cents per mile including the battery replacement. I now have about 14,500 miles on the vehicle and am driving 18 miles to work daily at 65-70 MPH. I replaced the rear drive tire at 10,000 miles and have had to keep the air pressure at 40 PSI to assure proper handling.
  I trailered my NmG to the factory in Tallmadge, OH to get it ready for the annual Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Custer, WI June 19-21st, 2009. Two of the Myers Motors technicians spent all day taking care of the various concerns I had developed over the 3 years I have owned it and put on 15,450 miles. They sealed the rear hatch area as it had left the factory without caulk originally and replaced the latch and lift springs. Replaced the rubber boots which had cracked on the steering arms. Caulked the windshield seal. Bolted the rear fender securely. Reworked the driver door release. Reworked the steering wheel attachment to secure it properly. Buffed & polished the exterior and sent me on my way without charge. This due to fact I was representing them at the Energy Fair and did have some issues which should not have left the factory in the condition it was delivered. I spent all 3 days at the Energy Fair and enjoyed answering questions about my experience with the NmG. I was able to give great comments on my experience with the Myers Motors staff and their followup maintenance of the NmG. I have again begun driving the NmG to work daily (19.5 miles one way) and look forward to many more happy miles in my electric personal vehicle
  Myers Motors has announced the NmG2 with room for 2! Price to be under the NmG! Check it out at:

Myers Motors NmG

The Myers Motors No more Gas (NmG) personal electric vehicle helps you do all those things you always wanted to do, but were never given the chance to do, until now! The NmG gives you the ability to: Just say NO: to sending your money to support non-democratic regimes who fund activities aimed at undermining the American freedoms we enjoy, Dump the pump before the pump dumps you: Full-page ads placed by Chevron in major magazines in 2006 boldly proclaimed that “The world consumes two barrels of oil for every barrel discovered” and “It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil. We’ll use the next trillion in 30.” Oil production in the US and in many other oil producing countries has peaked. Oil use has continued to grow. Isn’t now the time to dump the pump … and develop a better alternative … before the pump runs dry and dumps you? Save money on fuel: A popular gas-electric hybrid averages around 50 miles to the gallon. At $2.50 per gallon, that comes to $0.05 per mile of fuel costs. The NmG all-electric vehicle, by comparison, costs somewhere between $0.01 and $0.02 in fuel costs, per mile. Available now.

Additional FeaturesPower windows, AM/FM stereo & CD player standard
Fuel Typeall-electric
Miles per Charge30
Body Type
EV TypeHighway speed vehicle
Top Speed75 mph
Release StatusAvailable
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC