Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Detergent Reviews


Springtime fresh


Pros: great scent, cleans well, very concentrated

Cons: scent might be a bit too strong

This detergent seems to get the job done.  I've used it on towels, stinky gym clothes, and everyday wear.  I like the fragrance but it may be a bit too feminine for some male tastes.  The concentration is good and it doesn't take much for a full load.  Easy to handle, no drip cap, I would buy it again.


This quickly became my husband's favorite detergent. He wasn't very happy with scentless clothes so he loves this one (we got the basil fragrance). It gets the job done, just as well as other detergents  It will not remove really heavy soiling without help, but then again, I haven't found a detergent that will do that. The scent will linger for hours and we love the way our apartment smells while the clothes are drying on the rack.

Gentle detergent gets the job done.


Pros: Works well on both colors and whites, doesn't leave any soap residue

Mrs. Meyer's has good cleaning power and it leaves my towels quite soft. I haven't tried it on anything exceptionally dirty but it certainly does the trick on every day wear and tear.