Mr. Ellie Pooh Stationary Set Reviews


Who knew elephant pooh could be so beautiful?


Pros: Nice texture, totally upcycled, easy to write on, pretty, some sets come with sweet little cases

Cons: Some people are a little weirded out by the fact that it's made with elephant need a glue stick for the envelopes

My mom actually bought me a beautiful set of Mr. Ellie Pooh stationary for Christmas last year when she went to the Green Festival.  I hadn't been writing many letters at the time, so it mostly sat on the shelf...but I've written a number of letters in the past six months - all on elephant pooh paper!  And I am a huge fan, myself.  The paper comes in lots of different colors and sets (mine is kind of tan-colored...but I have seen sets with lovely purple and orange paper).  It's got a nice soft texture but it's not thin and doesn't tear through even if your pen tip is a bit rough.  It's really very pretty and mine came in a cool little cloth case. There are only two drawbacks which aren't...
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