Mother Jones Reviews


Jonesin' for More!


Pros: Great articles, short pieces...even the adds are interesting

Cons: Not good for close minded individuals

Never heard of it before Huddler sent me a copy (thank you).  It sat on my coffee table for a while because I thought it looked like it had a lot of political content in it (something I yawn at).  I even tried to get my husband to read it and do a review for Huddler which was a no go. I bit the bullet and turned the front page and I was hooked instantly.  I read it from cover to cover in one sitting.  The editors notes at the beginning were fabulously harsh and entertaining.  The content of the magazine was definitely not a let down and I have to say the I learned a few things along the way.  Great to read time and time again...I am thinking I am now a Mother Jone's lifer!

MoJo Rocks


Pros: Solid Investigative Reporting

Cons: Sometimes makes me cry

 One of the last great places for investigative journalism.  Always uncovering something interesting, and not just about politics.  Has a great website - with the venerable Kevin Drum and David Corn blogging up a storm about the DC scene.