Mother Earth News

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Pros: oldest and best

Cons: search not marvellous

i have been reading this online for some months now, and it has been spot on about anything i know about already. accessible writing, very informative. running for 40 years, how about that!


This magazine features all sorts of things from how to make your own home-made bread to raising chickens in the back yard. It focuses on energy efficiency and much more. I love this magazine. My Dad used to read it when I was smaller. I got a 12 month subscription for $24.95.

Mother Earth News

A country lifestyle publication that helps readers with how-to information on home improvement, organic gardening, small business development, outdoor recreation, wood working projects, and natural country cooking from scratch.

LabelOgden Publications Inc
List Price$29.94
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First Issue Lead Time12-16
Issues Per Year6
Magazine TypeTrade magazine
Number Of Issues6
Subscription Length365
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