Morningstar Farms Veggie Corn Dogs Reviews


Favorite stinky food


Pros: Great taste

Cons: stinks

These are great and like where i buy everything else Target has them for a great price. I wouldn't buy them from the grocery store. Anyway thses stinky corndogs taste great to me...not the best nutritionally...I'd give my 18 mont old once in a blue moon...but I sure do like them

Not too bad, but man, it's got some scent...


Pros: Tastes more or less corn dog like, less fat than a "real" corn dog

Cons: Super strong odor when cooking, not particularly nutritious, not organic

So I guess my total life count for corn dog eating is up to two "real" corn dog (thank you Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk) and one MorningStar veggie corn dog.  The MorningStar version isn't too bad.  Taste wise, it's pretty reminiscent of a meat corn dog.  It got the cornmeal texture of course...and it's on a stick.   Nutritionally,'s a corndog.  What do you expect?  It's certainly not as bad as its traditional counterparts (comparing on CalorieCount, a 73g Sonic Corn Dog has 250 calories, 15g of fat, and 5g of protein while the MorningStar dog for 71g of total weight comes in with 150 calories, 4g of fat, and 7g of protein).  The MorningStar dog appears to have way more...
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More corn doggy than a corn dog


Pros: Tastes pretty good

Cons: Potent aroma

I will admit that my expectations for this product were not terribly high, and those expectations were greatly exceeded, but I don't think I'll be buying these regularly.  They actually don't taste all that much different than a normal corn dog - you primarily taste the corn meal outer shell. That said, the ingredient list is still far from all natural, or nutritious. Further, they try so hard to imitate meat that our office smelled like we had been just sitting around cooking bacon all day - it lasted for hours. Anyway - certainly works if you're looking for something meatless to satisfy those frequent corn dog cravings, but these won't be a staple of my daily snacking.



Pros: Quick snack

Cons: Not the most healthy thing in my freezer

I love these things - I don't know how sustainable Morning Star is - but I like that I can get a great corn dog taste without the creepy mystery meat.  

Tastes like the real thing


Pros: great flavor, great consistency

Cons: none

As someone who still eats meat but refuses to eat hot dogs, I love these veggie corn dogs. The batter coating is sweet and tastes great, and the consistency of the veggie dog is nearly identical to a hot dog and is not mushy. They're best when heated in the oven, so the outer coating can crisp up; but they're also not bad heated in the microwave, if you must use one (like I do at work).

tastes like a corn dog!

 i am consistently impressed with morningstar farm's ability to make meatless versions of things like bacon, sausage patties, and corn dogs...who would've thought it was even possible.  i've had a few of these microwaved up for me by friends over the years, and they always taste surprisingly decent (i was super suspicious the first time i was wrangled into trying one).  who knew!  obviously, it's not a complete mirror of a "hot dog on a stick" stand special -- but what is?  if you feel like a meatless corndog, then this is the best out there...but it's still ain't nothing like the real thing....