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Moon Bees Quick-Dry Cloth Menstrual Pads


Pros: natural fabrics

Cons: none

Moon Bees pads are great. I love that they are all natural fabrics, and I don't have to worry about synthetics and the sensitivities I have to them. I have to change them a little more often on my heavy days, but I'm okay with that and would take them over a plastic-lined pad any day!


Pros: Soft organic material

Cons: No waterproof layer. Cannot hold a heavy flow.

I like the soft fabric made of hemp and organic cotton. However, there is no waterproof layer on this pad and it leaked on the first day I used it. The flow went through all 5 layers without spreading out much horizontally. I wore it for the same duration that I normally wear other cloth pads. It might work for lighter days, but would be too bulky.


Pros: Washes thoroughly, soft, absorbent

Cons: I don't have enough yet.

I love the design of these.  They're 'quick-dry' or should I say 'extra easy to wash' as compared to cloth pads that have a thickly-sewn middle layer.  I know these are getting clean and completely dry.  They're not a bit bulky but are still plenty absorbent.  If you're new to cloth pads, these are a great one to start with to build up your confidence in natural products.


Pros: absorbant!!! and always available

These pads provide the best protection I've found for overnight and heavy day usage. Their construction truly does make for faster drying times and reassurance that they have been thoroughly cleaned in the wash cycle. They are quick to snap on and tuck nicely in a bathroom drawer for storage. Cloth is more comfortable than any disposable pad as well.


Pros: Great price, and couldn't possibly be easier to use or care for.

Moon Bees Quick-Dry Cloth Pads are so soft and comfortable I forget I'm even wearing them. They perform beautifully even on my heavier cycle days and retain their shape and durability through repeated washings. They really make me feel like I'm doing something good for my body and for the environment. I will NEVER go back to synthetic pads!


Pros: no stuffing of separate pieces, quick to dry!

These are great pads.  I love knowing that they are CLEAN, and I can just snap one pad on, and be done. 

My favorite part, is that they are dry in one dryer cycle, and I don't have to worry about loosing inserts. 


Moon Bees Quick-Dry Cloth Menstrual Pads

Moon Bees' Quick-Dry cloth menstrual pads are constructed of a 2 layer Hemp/Organic Cotton fleece base. The base wraps around your panties and snaps closed. Attached to this base is a 1 layer tri-fold soaker. When folded, these pads provide 5 absorbent layers of Hemp/Organic fleece. The unique design of these pads allows the soaker to unfold during washing and drying for thorough cleansing and quick drying. These pads come in 2 length choices: Regular (8.5") and Super (10.5").

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