Montebello Organic Pasta Reviews


Mmmm, fancy organic shell noodles


Pros: Organic, nice and thick, tasty

So to be fair, the only Montebello Artisan Organic Pasta I've tried is the orecchiette.  Now...I'll be honest.  I was not at all familiar with the term "orecchiette" before this pasta.  I'd just called noodles.  That's basically what these are (although, I guess they're more dome like than shell like...but I digress).  In any case, they are delicious.  I like the fact that this pasta is pretty thick.  It makes your meal seem much more substantial.  Taste is excellent.  And it's organic.  I didn't follow the instructions (not really at all) the second time I cooked this pasta, so some of it stuck together a little, but that was an operator error, I think.  Either way, it all...
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