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A Review On: Mitsubishi i MiEV

Mitsubishi i MiEV

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Pros: Don't care about the price of gas, quiet drive is quite relaxing, plenty of leg room for 6'3" owner

Cons: The driving range is a known limitation before purchasing, so it's not a true con in the sence on would be surprised by it.

My wife and I own four other cars and a motorcycle in addition to the i-MiEV.  I usually rotate cars in and out of storage so they all get driven during the year.  That may change now that we have this.  I plan on driving this all year round, including northern Illinois winters.  My drive to work is two miles so this car will easily handle over 90 percent of the driving I need to do.  And the other great benefit is the lower wear and tear on my other vehicles.  This car won't care that it's only driven two miles at a time.  There's no exhaust system to rust out or piston rings to subject to extra wear from starting a cold engine.

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Great Product!!! Nor would I look back!