Miniwiz - Re-Case

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Miniwiz - Re-Case

Iphone 4/4S Case Made 100% from Trash! RE-case is the first of a line of products made from a new type of materials called POLLIBER, a post-consumer thermoplastic and semi-carbonized waste fiber composite. RE-case’s design was inspired by the Japanese INRŌ, a carrying case for identity seals used in the Edo Period which also served as a worry stone. Instead of a seal, RE-case holds an RFID (radio frequency ID, such as those for office security or public transit) or wave-able credit card between itself and the user’s iPhone. The graduated design improves grip and texture while retaining the aesthetic qualities of the INRŌ.

Additional Features100% Nade with Trash, ripple design to allow space for a RFID card to fit seamlessly inside the case!
Release DateEnd of 2011
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC