HYmini MiniSOLAR Accessory

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HYmini MiniSOLAR Accessory

A revolutionary way of capturing renewable power for your iPod, mobile phones, PDA, mp3, digital camera # The miniSOLAR accessory extends your power collection capabilities. * ‧Output current: 140mA MAX * ‧Output voltage: 5V MAX # You can attach as many as four.

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  • How to use miniSOLAR (solar battery)?


    (For packages purchased with Solar Battery or batteries purchased separately) To charge HYmini™ using the solar battery, follow these instructions and preconditions:

    1.Connect the HYmini wind unit to the solar battery through DC input jack, and place the battery in a position where it can absorb radiation.

    2.The side indicator turns red when enough sun/light power is converted into electricity current and stored in the device’s internal battery. The indicator on the side turns green when HYmini™ internal battery completes charging. The safety control circuit protects HYmini from  being overcharged.

    3.To link two or more solar batteries together, you can connect multiple batteries by linking the (female) DC jacks one after another.

  • Q. How many solar battery can I link to charge HYmini ?

  • Q. How much can you capture in 20 minutes ?



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