Miles Electric Vehicles ZX40ST Work Truck Reviews

Positive Reviews


sturdy versatile work truck


Pros: flexible bed, up to 1000 lb cargo capacity, comfy cab

I had the opportunity to take an extended test drive at an EV show this summer. It's surprisingly heavy duty, steel bodied, with nice creature comforts in the cab. The bed will hold a 4x8 sheet of plywood, and the three bed sides fold down to make a flat bed! With cargo capacity of 1,000 lbs, this is a pretty serious little truck. 

Negative Reviews


Work Truck???


Pros: Strong Frame

Cons: Slow, Small, Over Priced

How much work can you get done going 25 mph. Lets be serious. Just use a wheel barrow. The Zap Xebra Truck has the same payload, costs over $6000 less than this and can go 15mph faster. Back to the drawing board for this one.