MiGo 16 oz. Senja Tumbler Reviews


Decent mug but not much for insulating


Pros: stainless steel

Cons: doesn't do a stellar job insulating

I got this MiGo stainless steel "tumbler" several years ago from Target.  I needed some kind of good mug with a top and this looked like the best option for what I wanted (stainless steel, decent top for sipping).  It's got a rubber "accent" on it which keeps it from being slippery in your hand, but no handle.  The top is also not 100% spill proof so you'll want to be careful about that.  If you've got some coffee leftovers, I wouldn't recommend putting it in your backpack or laptop case...you might end up with a bit of a mess.   In terms of insulating your hot or cold beverage, it's okay.  I used to actually get my coffee/tea put in there every morning and it would stay hot for maybe 2-3...
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