MiGo 16 oz. Senja Tumbler


Pros: stainless steel

Cons: doesn't do a stellar job insulating

I got this MiGo stainless steel "tumbler" several years ago from Target.  I needed some kind of good mug with a top and this looked like the best option for what I wanted (stainless steel, decent top for sipping).  It's got a rubber "accent" on it which keeps it from being slippery in your hand, but no handle.  The top is also not 100% spill proof so you'll want to be careful about that.  If you've got some coffee leftovers, I wouldn't recommend putting it in your backpack or laptop case...you might end up with a bit of a mess. 


In terms of insulating your hot or cold beverage, it's okay.  I used to actually get my coffee/tea put in there every morning and it would stay hot for maybe 2-3 hours.  But when it comes to hot coffee, I'm kind of a slow drinker.  A sipper, really.  So 2-3 hours isn't quite as long as I need.  These days, I've been prefering my REI bullet bottle simply because stuff stays hot longer.  But this is a solid option for a basic travel mug.  It's easy to clean and it's got a nice wide mouth so you can always stick ice cubs in it for cold drinks and it's easier to use with large tea bags.

MiGo 16 oz. Senja Tumbler

MiGo 16 oz. Senja Tumbler (Stainless Steel with Black Accents) from Aladdin Sip in style. Give your morning routine a boost with a splash-proof lid and colorful comfort grip. Features stainless steel double-wall insulation to keep your drink warm for hours. Features • Insulated. Keep drinks hot or cold. • Closing lid. Make a splash without making a mess. • Car-cup friendly. Take it to go.

Additional Features
TypeStainless steel
Bottle Size(s)16 oz.
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC