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Miessence Roll-On Deodorant


Pros: really works, chemical free, aluminum free, great company

Cons: cost, herbal aroma

This is probably the only natural deodorant that really works.  It comes in three scents, Ancient Spice, Tahitian Breeze and Aroma Free. The Ancient Spice (more masculine) and Tahitian Breeze (more  feminine) are a bit herbal smelling at first, but the aroma doesn't linger.  Aroma Free is just as effective, without any scent.  I have tried just about every natural deodorant on the market (even some you've never heard of), and this is the only one that is at all effective, and it has a great safety rating on EWG Cosmetics Safety Database. 


Pros: Lasts in the HOT sun

Cons: liquid, takes a bit to dry

I used to work a 5 hour shift in the HOT FLORIDA HUMID outdoors at a botanical gardens, planting plants. Dirty, HOT, work, did I mention HOT? Though this product will not stop you from sweating (which is actually good, healthfully speaking) it did stop odor. I never felt like I stunk after my icky, dirty, shift.
Me lovey the tahitian breeze.


This has been the best "green" deodorant that I've tried.  I think it is as good as you can get without an aluminum containing antiperspirant.  It's small for the price, but a little seems to go a long way. It leaves you with a decently fresh feeling, however, I'd recommend getting the unscented version. 


The Tahitian breeze scent is pretty unpleasant as far as I'm concerned.  Sure, it is less strong after it dries, but it is the more unpleasant parts of the scent that stick around, including to your clothes even after you are done wearing them.  So, this deodorant is not great if you want to wear a shirt more than once without washing it, even compared to going sans deodorant on a normal day (yes, I did try that).  It has a spicy, almost peppery scent, which I think comes in part from the geranium oil, though I also am not a fan of the patchouli component.  To me, it just has the scent of  plants that have natural chemical deterrents against insect herbivory (i.e. they produce stuff to make them taste and smell bad so they don't get eaten), not a pleasant, inviting floral scent like you would imagine from a name like "Tahitian breeze."  That part is too bad, because otherwise it would be a fantastic product.



Pros: really works all day, truly natural, bottle lasts several months

Cons: have to order it online

I had almost given up on natural deoderant until i tried Miessence. Goes on wet, so you have to let it dry for about 30 seconds before getting dressed, but after that, I never once felt sticky, smelly or wet. Great scent too (I tried Tahitian Breeze) that is very mild and not perfumy or overpowering. I'm so happy to have found this brand! All their products are wonderful.


Pros: dries fast, lasts all day, pleasant scent

I finally found the deodorant I've been looking for -- one that works all day, is safe, and is aluminum-free. I bought the Tahitian Breeze scent, and it's quite pleasant -- more woodsy-smelling than citrus-y, but I like it. And the scent dissipates quickly, so you don't smell it all day (unless you stick your nose in your armpit and inhale). Regular deodorants give me a headache if I can smell them still at lunchtime! I've had only to apply it once in the morning; it dries quickly and I'm comfortable all day long.  

Miessence Roll-On Deodorant

Description Stay naturally fresh all day with Tahitian Breeze Roll-on Deodorant. An effective formula, even for the most active person. A warm and balmy blend of intense floral and citrus aromas. How Shake well before use. If the ball becomes stuck, rinse and loosen under warm water. When Use as required. Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Aloe Vera leaf juice, Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic Lime Essential Oil, Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Organic Patchouli Essential Oil, Organic Geranium Essential Oil,

Size2.4fl oz
Additional FeaturesAncient Spice, Tahitian Breeze, & Aroma Free
Release Date
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating
Percent Organic
Percent Natural
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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