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Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm


Pros: Organic Ingredients, Smells like Oatmeal Cookies, Works really well to block sun

This product is my favorite because traditional sunblocks contain chemicals that bleach coral, this one doesn't. It also is free of Oxybenzone, which has been linked to allergies, hormone disruption, cell-damage, and low birth-weight in baby girls whose mothers are exposed during pregnancy. A study recently found that most Americans are contaminated with this compound as it is in most sunscreens sold in the US. You can read more at:


Pros: BLOCKS all 3 levels of rays

Cons: a bit thick

The scent is delicious, pro 1. It blocks all 3 levels of rays pro 2 (see my blog entry about SPF:
It stays put, doesn't melt down your face pro 3.

At first I thought it was too thick. but when I figured out less is more, and let it melt in my hand a bit by rubbing it around, i found that it was easy to apply and lasted. So gentle I use it on our baby.

Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm

A water-free nourishing balm with natural minerals that help reflect damaging ultraviolet radiation. Microfine zinc oxide offers protection from harmful rays whilst organic olive oil keeps the skin supple. Potent antioxidants including natural vitamin E, beta carotene and polygonum extract, protect the skin from premature aging and prevent damage caused by the elements. Why: We all love the outdoors – nothing makes us feel more alive than having fun in the elements. Whether it be pounding through the salty surf, shooshing down powdery ski runs, or just throwing a ball with the kids in the park; if you’re out in the sunshine, you need to protect your skin. How: Apply generously to skin surfaces exposed to sunlight 20 minutes before exposure. Reapply every two hours. Store below 30oC / 86oF When: Any time you’re outdoors, exposed to the elements.

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Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating
IngredientsOrganic olive fruit oil, Zinc Oxide, capric triglyceride, Organic Shea Fruit Butter, Organic unrefined beeswax, oat kernel flour, polygonoum multiflorum root extract, natural vitamin e, organic carnauba wax, Organic olive fruit oil, Organic Rosemary Extract, dunaliella salina algae extract
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