Miessence Organics Luxurious Body Powder (Talc Free) Reviews


The only powder I will ever use!


Pros: natural, eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic

Cons: none

 This powder smells fantastic and keeps you dry and smelling fresh, no matter what the weather.  I don't usually use powder because of the harmful ingredients in them.  When I found this one I was ecstatic!  It smells fresh and clean, not overpowering, and keeps you dry and even controls foot odor.  It is also all-natural and very safe to use.  It is definitely worth every penny.

I'll NEVER use conventional 'talc' again!


Pros: Talc Free, no nasty chemicals

Cons: Errrr.....none!

I've used this product for a good few years now, and do not intend to go back to conventional powders. Not only is it better for the enviornment (with it's all natural ingrediants and recycable packaging) but it's safe for all the family to use :-) Slighty higher price than your average counterpart, but it's worth every penny!