Miessence Natural Toothpaste Reviews

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Great natural Toothpaste


Pros: taste, whitening, all-natural, no artificial ingredients

Cons: slight salty taste

 I will be honest; when I first tried the Miessence toothpaste, I hated it. I spit it out, thinking, "Why did they put salt in their toothpaste?-Yuk! Maybe it's an Australian thing." After letting it sit in our medicine cabinet for a few months, I decided to give it another try and was hooked. Once you get over the fact that there is a slight salty taste, these toothpastes are wonderful. They leave your mouth feeling really fresh and your teeth feeling smooth and squeaky clean, a feeling which lasts most of the day. They even lighten and get rid of stains! My favorite is the Anise flavor.

Negative Reviews




Pros: none

Cons: salty, looked like handcream, expensive

I hate minty toothpaste so paid £9.50 for a tube of this lemon toothpaste. How on earth can they call it lemon when it tastes overwhelmingly of salt? I thought it was dreadful.  Also the tube is off-putting it looks like handcream!!  Such a disappointment.

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Miessence Toothpaste - Anise, Mint, Lemon


Pros: Tastes great, no synthetic chemicals, ethical company off-sets manufactuing with green credits

Cons: Sometimes falls off the toothbrush so you have to be keep an eye on it during transit to the mouth.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Independent Representative for ONE Group, the company that makes miessence (R) brand products. You can buy this toothpaste on my site at https://happyorganics.mionegroup.com. I will do my best to keep my love of ONE Group, as a company, from clouding my review. Although, the exemplary greenness of this company is a definite plus for choosing this product. I have tried all three flavors - Anise, Mint, and Lemon. I have the full-size anise and lemon flavors and the travel-size mint. All three flavors taste great and have good consistency in the mouth. To quote my man, Stan - the anise "Tastes like a brushing your teeth with a salty Good ...
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The Best Tooth Paste


Pros: Teeth feel so clean and whiter!

Cons: Took me a couple times to get used to it but know I love it!

After three brushes I was in love. This is the best tooth paste I have ever used! I was very skeptical at first, I am very picky about my tooth paste. However, I gave this a try and now it is all I use and my teeth are proof of how well it works! I highly recommend this product!

No tummy woes


Pros: Yummy

Most toothpastes really upset my tummy. Not this one! Minty goodness! Our 2 yr old daughter loves it too.