Miessence Breast and Belly


Pros: Everything

Cons: Takes some getting use to the smell

 My wife used this religiously during her pregnancy and continues to use it now.  It does wonders for a pregnant belly.  I was completely amazed at the awesome job that it has done with a nursing child.  You hear horror stories about chapped and cracked nipples from mothers here in this dry climate.  It not only prevented the chapping and cracking, but it is safe to use with our baby.  How many products can say that?  Highly, highly recommend.  Men will find it a bonding experience and will end up with softer, smoother skin too.

Miessence Breast and Belly

An amazingly powerful blend of organic and wild-harvested ingredients from around the world to care for your expanding body. Potent and regenerative oils, butters and extracts from flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds nourish and feed your growing skin. Minimises the occurrence of stretchmarks with exceptional skin regeneratives that actively promote renewal, elasticity and suppleness. Eases the itching associated with rapid expansion. Helps to prevent underlying tissue damage by stimulating skin renewal. Feels wonderful and smells divine, so your massaging ritual is utterly enjoyable and nurturing. Completely safe to use during pregancy, and beyond, to help your skin regain it's suppleness.

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