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MiVitality Inliven Probiotic Super Food by ONE Group


Pros: Organic, Probiotic, Green

Cons: tastes bad by itself

This is my favorite smoothie addition or sometimes I just mix it with apple juice for a quick drink. I have found, that I don't like it with just plain water. So if you are not a fan of green drinks, mixing it with a fruit juice is the best way to go. Then it's not scary. Giggle.


Pros: effective probiotic, whole food nutrition

Cons: tastes terrible in water

This is a first-rate probiotic with incredible whole food nutrition.  My whole family has been taking it for a year (even our 2 year old) instead of a multivitamin because it is safer, organic and processed more effectively by your body.  I credit InLiven with pretty much eliminating my son's chronic ear infections, which was a side benefit I didn't expect.  It also has taken care of my daughter's constipation problems.  My hair has been healthier than ever and even my nails are growing long and strong (which I had never been able to do before).  Others have reported that it has gotten rid of their skin problems and acne, as well as helped rashes and eczema.


Pros: easy to take, so many benefits!

Cons: None

I'm going to admit to being a ONE Group rep, but I just had to give a review of this product.  I'm no longer craving sugar and carbs - no one mentioned this would happen, but when it started happening, I researched it online and found out that there are two things that could be happening.  One, when my body was crying out for nutrition in the past, I could have been misinterpreting that cry as a craving for sugar and carbs.  Two, I had killed off all of the bacteria in my body that fed on the good stuff and, instead of 85% of that kind of bacteria and 15% carb-loving bacteria, it was now the other way around.  I think it's probably a combination of the two, I'm getting nutrition I desperately needed, so my body is happier and I am replacing the "good" bacteria that had disappeared from my body and it is taking over from the carb-loving bacteria, so I am now craving "good" foods - like fruits and veggies.  I realized the other day that I hadn't eaten in between meals for about four days and I hadn't even noticed.  Truly a Super Food in my book.  (By the way, I do know people who were already pretty healthy and didn't notice any changes one way or another, but for me, it's definitely had an effect).


Pros: Probiotic, awesome in juice

Cons: tastes awful in water

 There are thousands of probiotic products out there.  Many claim to have 5-9 billion strands per serving.  They cost any where from 19.95 to 49.95 USD for the pills.  That's great for advertising, but not so great for your health.  This Super Food has strands that will reproduce once they get into your belly.  That is what you are looking for in a probiotic and you get it with this.  Big reminder though . . . mix with a fruit juice.  You'll be glad that you did.

MiVitality Inliven Probiotic Super Food by ONE Group

# Description In-Liven is the result of over 20 years research & development. The bacteria are produced from fruits and vegetables and not fast-tracked from faecal matter. Contains significant enzymes, vital amino acids and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients. Why To re-colonise the gastrointestinal tract with the full spectrum of Lactobacillus (friendly) bacteria.

Additional Features
TypeNutritional supplement
Release Date
Ingredientscertified organic adzuki beans, certified organic alfalfa grass, certified organic asparagus, certified organic barley grass, certified organic red kidney beans, certified organic string beans, certified organic beetroot, certified organic broccoli, certified organic cabbage, certified organic chick peas, certified organic pearl barley, certified organic brown rice, certified organic red lentils, certified organic linseed, certified organic malt extract, certified organic molasses, certified organic mung beans, certified organic rolled oats, certified organic silver beet, certified organic spinach, certified organic spirulina, certified organic sweet potato, certified organic wheat, certified organic wheat grass, certified organic zucchini, lactobacillus, saccharomyces boulardii, saccharomyces cerevisiae
Percent Organic
Percent Natural
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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